Jan. 8 – Matthew 5

In our home when either Cleo or myself is being moody or out of sorts the other one will say, “Attitude Check”. This causes a stop in the action to take time to examine our attitude to see if this is something that would be approved by the Holy Spirit. If we come to the conclusion that this attitude is unapproved we apologize and change the attitude.

In this 5th chapter of Matthew Jesus has not only his disciples following him but also a huge crowd of people. It is like he sits down and hollers “Attitude Check” and then he proceed to tell the people the attitudes that God blesses or God approves of and the reward of that attitude. Just a reminder that these insights of mine are based on the New Living Translation of the Bible.

Verse 3 > God blesses those who realize that they are spiritually bankrupt. They know they can’t work their way into heaven, or earn their way or do enough good to get into God’s kingdom. They realize that they need Jesus! A good example of this kind of attitude were the two thieves who were crucified with Jesus. They literally had lost everything and had nothing to give Jesus and yet one was too proud to receive Jesus but the other realized he needed Jesus; his reward for that attitude was the kingdom of heaven.

Verse 4 > Some people when they get caught doing wrong are not sorry for what they have done they only mourn because they got caught. That is not the attitude God blesses. God blesses the one who realizes he is a sinner and he mourns over that sin and has a sorrowful and repentant heart. That person is rewarded with the comfort that the forgiveness of Jesus brings. Remember what Jesus said to the woman caught in adultery in John 8:10–11 (NLT) — 10 Then Jesus stood up again and said to the woman, “Where are your accusers? Didn’t even one of them condemn you?” 11 “No, Lord,” she said. And Jesus said, “Neither do I. Go and sin no more.”

Verse 5 > A humble person is not one who thinks less of himself, a humble person thinks less about himself! He doesn’t demand his rights or push his way through life. He has an inner strength that keeps his emotions under control. It would be like a wild stallion that is broken and now all of his strength becomes useful to his master. With an attitude of humility we become useful to God so that he can use us in any situation or circumstance to bring honor to his name.

Verse 6> In our world today there seems to be a hunger and thirst for the next high, the next bit of entertainment, the next material possession, the next higher paid job, the next bigger house etc. God blesses those hunger and thirst for his will to be done in their lives and the lives of those around them. God blesses those who hunger to worship him, who thirst to read his scriptures. This kind of attitude is blessed by God and the reward for these people is that these righteous attitudes will be satisfied and they will live contented lives.

Verse 7 > Our cities are full of harsh, critical, judgmental people. I believe those kinds of attitudes are a stench to the nostrils of God. God longs to bless those who are kind, who overlook the mistakes of others and who are quick to forgive. I’ll bet our policemen would say ‘amen’ to a merciful attitude. These merciful people are rewarded with mercy from God. It is true that we harvest what we plant. Oh how our cities need a crop of mercy to be harvested. Why not plant some today!

Verse 8 > If you have given your life to Jesus you have a clean heart because the blood of Jesus washed your sins away. A pure heart is different from a clean heart. A pure heart doesn’t get distracted by sin. It is not like the pig who is washed but then goes back to the mud hole. The pig does this because it has the heart and nature of a pig. A pure hearted person not only has a clean heart but is so grateful for that clean heart that sin now is disgusting and repugnant to it. God loves to bless that attitude. The reward is that pure hearted people see God at work in their lives and they are grateful. Is your clean heart pure or does sin still hold an attraction for you. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you see the ugliness of sin!

Verse 9 > To make peace in the home takes work. Being a peacemaker may even cause you to sweat but isn’t it worth it to come home to a relaxed atmosphere?  Make it a rule in your home that you will not tolerate attitudes of rebellion. Make is a rule within yourself with the help of the Holy Spirit that you will not cause unrest wherever you are. God blesses the attitude of the peacemaker. You can almost hear him say, “That’s my daughter, that’s my son, they sure do make me proud!”

verses 10-12 > If you are going to be persecuted don’t let it be because you were a jerk and your attitude got you in trouble. Let it be because you had the right attitude and it reminded people of Jesus! If people handed Jesus a cross they probably aren’t going to give you a pat on the back and say, “Atta girl way to live for Jesus!” Remember this isn’t the only life you will live. Eternity is longer and you will be living in heaven so REJOICE!

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  1. Mark Gundersen says

    After the listing of blessed attitudes we are reminded that wrong thoughts or unwise comments are as bad for you and others as acting on those attitudes.

  2. Nicole Hamilton says

    I really like what Pastor Dan said about not tolerating attitudes of rebellion in the home. And as Mark pointed out, what we think and say are just as important as what we do. I’ve begun to implement the idea of “attitude checks” with the kids for a little while now, but it’s not easy to learn how to control your attitude. And it’s not just for the kids; they’ve told me to check my attitude a few times too and I had to be the one apologizing! It’s been really good for all of us and has dramatically increased peace in our home. I highly recommend it!