January 15/Matthew 10

As Jesus gave his disciples authority and then sent them out to show people what the kingdom of heaven was like > freedom from sickness, demons, disease and death; I noticed a couple of things.

He said, “Freely you have received, freely give.” Everything that we are and that we have comes from the generous hand of God. If we have intelligence we are to use that to help people. If we have certain abilities we are to use them to help people. If we have money and material things we are to use them to help people. We have been loved by God and so give love to others even the unlovely. We have been forgiven so let’s forgive. We’ve been shown grace and mercy so let’s show grace and mercy. Give the message about Jesus to whoever will listen. Pray for anyone that will let you. We are to show people what the kingdom of heaven is like and by reading through on this daily reading plan we will find out more about this kingdom.

Verses 14-15 > To reject the message of Jesus is the worst thing you can do.

Verses 16-17 > Don’t expect to be treated fairly because you are living for Jesus.

Verse 18 > Trouble is your opportunity to shine for Jesus!

Verse 22 > Don’t expect everyone to love you because you are a follower Jesus.

Verse 28 > Fear only God! You might want to go back and listen to my messages on Fearing God.

Verse 31 > You are valuable to God and he will be with you through all the trouble this life can throw at you!

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  1. Mark Gundersen says

    Jesus tells his disciples to be crafty as serpent’s but harmless as doves. A serpent can seek in without bring seen and therefore sometime passing on the gospel is done more in your unobtrusive actions instead of a sermon. Being like a dove means you are providing good news and peace.