January 18/Matthew 11

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Verses 1-5 > Remember Jesus also has told us to go out and be witnesses for him. How do I do that you might ask. Well when John sent his disciples to ask Jesus if he was the promised Messiah Jesus sent them back to tell John what they had seen and heard. That is all witnessing is; telling people what we have seen Jesus do in our lives and what we have heard as we read our bibles. That isn’t so hard is it? There is no pressure on us to save people, Jesus does that. We just tell what we have seen and heard.

Verses 11-19 > Why are we greater than John; because we have more insight into the things of God. We have experienced Jesus coming and dying for our sins and forgiving us with a once and for all sacrifice! We have the Holy Spirit who lives in us and empowers us to do the works of Jesus. We have the whole Bible with which to read and see our faith in Jesus be on the increase.

The kingdom forcefully advancing and violent people attacking it could mean that as followers of Jesus we will suffer like John and Jesus did. People won’t be thrilled about our faith in Jesus. Or it could mean that as believers we pray with great fervency, we hold on to God ‘s promises with much tenacity, and we make every effort to mature and live our lives for Jesus.

The people in Jesus day couldn’t be pleased. John didn’t party and Jesus did and they still weren’t happy. What about me and you are we satisfied with Jesus?

Verses 20-24 > There seems to be degrees of punishment in hell depending upon how much exposure a person has had to the truth about Jesus.

Verses 28-30 > Life has a way of beating us up and burdening us down. Here is good news. Jesus takes all comers. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you have been or what condition you are in; if come to Jesus with a humble heart and give your burden to him, he will not only lighten the load but give you much needed inner rest. You can’t get a deal like that anywhere else but Jesus!

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  1. Mark Gundersen says

    First John saw the Holy Spirit descend on Jesus and still questioned if He was the Messiah since Jesus came to redeem and not create an earthly kingdom then. We, and the disciples did not see this happening or having seen the transformation but did believe. We have the bible to give us knowledge of Jesus but we have to take it’s words on faith. Also Jesus reminds us that a burden shared is lighter than a burden carried alone and if we are yoked to Jesus on a task that the burden will be light since we are doing it in God’s power not our own.

  2. Daniel Mueller says

    Good insight on the burden sharing, Dr. Mark