January 19/Matthew 12

Verses 1-14 > you will always find people who will find fault with you no matter what you do. Ever grew up in a home where you couldn’t do anything right to please your parents or worked on a job where could never please the boss no matter how hard you tried? Aren’t you glad when you read your bible that you find out that Jesus is a God of mercy and he doesn’t sit around all day trying to find fault with you? Doesn’t that help you breathe a sigh of relief and put a smile on your face? I sure hope it does.

Verses 15-21 > Do you want to know what Jesus is really like. Then read these verses out loud, slowly, contemplating each word. Makes you want to shout Yes! Isn’t Jesus the best? Gives you a lot of hope, right?

Verses 22-29 > It thrills my heart to know that Jesus is more powerful than Satan. It means I am on the winning team! It means Satan can’t get the victory over me. I do not have to fear him instead I can defeat him in the name of Jesus.

Verses 30-32 > The Holy Spirit is the one who draws us to Jesus so if we refuse his working in our lives and harden our hearts against him there is no hope for us. Forgiveness can’t be granted because we are not drawn to ask for it. If you ar wondering if you have committed the unpardonable sin just because you are wondering tells me you haven’t otherwise you wouldn’t care. The person who has committed this sin has such a hard heart that he doesn’t care. You can breathe a little easier now right?

Verses 33-37 > Do you want to know what condition your spiritual heart is in? Listen to what comes out of your mouth and you will know exactly what shape you heart is in. If you need a transplant repent of your potty mouth and turn Jesus for his forgiveness!

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  1. Mark Gundersen says

    Jesus provides the important implication that if you clean evil inclinations out that you had better fill it with the Holy Spirit so that worse temptations cannot come in and fill you.