January 21/Matthew 14

Verses 1-12 > Sometimes in the heat of the moment or the excitement of the atmosphere we say things we shouldn’t. Herod was in one of those moments. Probably spurred on by lust he says to the dancer that he would give her anything up to half his kingdom. Stupid right? And then because he doesn’t want to look bad in front of his guests ( this is the fear of man syndrome) he goes through with her request for John the Baptists head. Someone dies because of stupidity and the fear of man.

Many guys, in the heat of the moment, have said to girls on a date, “I love you.” The girl then thinks if he loves me it would be ok to give myself to him. Later she finds out he doesn’t love her and she is devastated. Or a baby comes along  and the guy doesn’t want to look like a coward so he marries her and he and she are miserable. Stupid right? We have all said and done stupid things in the heat of the moment, put your own example here ______________________

_______________________. I lost my whole paycheck at a county fair trying to throw a ring over a wood block that had a $100 bill on it. Got caught up in the heat of the moment and was to stupid to let a stupid piece of wood beat me! I am so glad Jesus forgives even I think he was shaking his head at the time. After eating beans for a month I never did the fair thing again! Smart right? No I wasn’t married at the time. Cleo would have @#%$^&* me.

Verse 12 > One should get in the habit of regularly talking to Jesus and hanging out with Him in the Bible and the stupid times would be greatly reduced!

Verses 13-21 > There is a difference in feeling sorry for someone and having compassion. Feeling sorry means I probably didn’t lift a finger to help. Compassion means I not only felt sorry but I did something to help. Jesus had compassion and he did something to help. He wants us to help to that is why he said to his disciples, “You feed them.”

Today we have an opportunity to bring clothing to Hilltop for people in need. Do you feel sorry for them or do you have compassion?

Verses > 22-36 > I am encouraged that no matter where I am I am within the reach of Jesus! Even a sea and a storm couldn’t keep him from his friends. Then when he got there he was all the they needed! Thank you Jesus. I sure do love you! He closes out this chapter by showing us that he is very generous and so sickness or disease is too difficult for him to heal!

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  1. Mark Gundersen says

    Peter when looking at Jesus could walk on water but when he took his eyes off Jesus and looked at the storm in his life he sunk but understood that by turning back to Jesus he would be saves and the storm quelled.