January 22/Matthew 15

Verses 1-20 > Mankind always wants to be God. Ignoring God’s word and replacing it with their own words. If they don’t like God’s word they make up their own words. The very hands that they were so careful to wash so they wouldn’t be unclean were the very hands that hung God on a cross! Things haven’t changed much today. If God’s word doesn’t suit our purposes we ignore and make up our own rules. Sometimes it is inconvenient for us to have children so we pass laws that state it is ok to abort them. Many people think that reserving marriage to between a man and a women is to restrictive and confining so laws have been passed to allow a man to marry a man and woman to marry a woman. Not everyone likes to work to make money so thinking there must be an easier way to gain wealth we legalized gambling and thereby nullified the sovereignty of God and we quit living by faith and are now relying on chance.

It is all about issues of the heart. If God has our heart we worship and obey him. If he doesn’t have our heart anything goes. If we look at our society we see that ‘anything’ is ruining us. We truly are defiled and not from ignoring washing our hands. O that it would be that simple!

Verses 21-28 > How persistent are you? Do you really have faith in Jesus? Do you keeping praying even when it seems like Jesus isn’t listening and that he seems to be ignoring you? Do you continue to worship offering Jesus a sacrifice of praise? Isn’t it in the unanswered times that praise is a sacrifice? Leap for joy that God put you in one of these times! Maybe he is testing you to see how sincere you are about wanting him to help you. Maybe he wants to know that there is no plan B in your mind. This story seems to indicate that faith in Jesus brings the desired results. I am going to be persistent are you?

Verses 29-39 > These people sincerely and persistently followed Jesus. What was the result of their persistence? They all went home healed and full! Jesus is still as compassionate today as he was then. If he healed then he will heal now. If he fed then he will feed now.



  1. Mark Gundersen says

    Christians today still divide themselves by their rules. Dance versus don’t dance. Watch movies versus don’t watch movies. Measure the length of hems and hair to determine salvation. God says that if you do not love your brother how can you love Him. God’s law remains better than man’s law.

  2. Joe DeLaCruz says

    Being Christian can be confusing. There are many preachers out there who twist their words to suit their purpose. People who haven’t fully given their hearts to the Lord are oftentimes swayed by these messages, tossed about like a dinghy on rough water. Praying to God for wisdom before reading the Bible and diligently seeking to understand what is being read is delicious food for my soul and not only heals me but fills me up as well. Thank you Jesus!

  3. “…He answered them, ‘And why do you break the commandment of God for the sake of your tradition? … So for the sake of your tradition you have made void the word of God.'”

    We would do well to examine our own traditions in light of this passage. Do you or I carry on with habitual behaviors each week that trump the Commands of God? Do we as a corporate body have practices that make void the Word of God but go unnoticed, simply because it’s what we’re familiar with, or because it has become much easier than doing the hard work of repentance and change?

  4. Lois Stinogel says

    “The difference between a traditional service and a charismatic service is that in one the program is printed and the other, the program is memorized”-unknown source. My prayer is that God is always in charge of our “program”