January 26/Matthew 17

Verses 1-6 > With the appearance of Moses and Elijah and the voice of God we are assured of an after life as stated in the Bible! As great as Moses and Elijah were they don’t hold a candle to the glory and brightness of Jesus! Peter was moved by this encounter that he wanted to put Jesus on the same level as Moses and Elijah. Moses and Elijah didn’t die for us Jesus did! The Father however, straightened him out right away. He told him that Jesus was the only one he needed to listen to and obey after all that’s what Moses and Elijah did.

Sometimes it is so easy to neglect our bibles in favor of other books even Christian books. Or to spend money and time running to conferences and getting the tapes and dvd’s of some of the great teachers of the Word of God. It is ok to look to others to help open up the meaning of scriptures for us, but there is no substitute for us reading the Bible for ourselves and having the Holy Spirit teach us as we read.

I believe it brings the Father great joy when we go to the Bible on our own and read. Like Jesus I want my life to bring great joy to the Father, don’t you? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the Father say to us, “You people of Hilltop bring me great joy.” Let’s stay in our Bibles this year. What we learn let’s put it into practice. Let’s teach our children and let’s share with others as we have opportunity.

When the disciples picked themselves up off the ground they only saw Jesus. It tells me that we need to be focused on Jesus in the Word of God and follow in obedience as the Holy Spirit leads us and inspires us and empowers us! Would you all agree with that? Jesus is our shepherd. Other people may be great teachers or preachers. They only have this ability because the Father gives it to them. Let’s make a big deal out of Jesus!

Verses 24-26 > On more little note. Jesus said that we would do the works that he did and even greater works. Well here is one of the works of Jesus > he paid his taxes without complaining. We can do that right?

Be Inspired Hilltop!


  1. Mark Gundersen says

    It is important to listen to all that Jesus says. The disciples only heard Jesus will be killed in Jerusalem and totally missed the important part that Jesus would be resurrected in 3 days.