January 29/Matthew 20

Verses 1-16 > I sure am glad that our heavenly Father is generous and kind. It doesn’t matter when a person yields his life to Jesus he gets the same heaven as someone who yielded years earlier. Remember the thief on the cross?

I suppose a person could complain but why? Just be glad that the Father kept going out and going out and drew you to Jesus. After all he could have stopped 100 years ago and then none of us would get heaven. Besides heaven isn’t something we earn in the first place. The complainers should question if they really have given their lives to Jesus. There are no complainers in heaven. I believe that complaining is a sin because it means we aren’t satisfied with what God has given us or what God has allowed to happen to us. It means we think that we could do a better job than God. You really don’t think you can do a better job than God do you? I didn’t think so. So quit complaining!

I think verse 16 means it’s a tie!

Verses 20-28 > Do you really want to be first? Do you really want to be great in the eyes of God? Ok read these verses and come over and wash my van and take me out to lunch! LoL gotcha!

Verses 29-34 > When the blind eyes were opened they followed Jesus. You will know when a person can truly see because they will be following Jesus! Are your eyes open?

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  1. Mark Gundersen says

    John probably does have a position of honor in heaven but not because of what his mother asked but because of what he did and because of his relationship with Jesus.