Jan. 4 – Matthew 1

Hey Hilltop welcome to the Inspire blog. I, Pastor Dan, will try to glean something from each chapter each day on our daily reading plan that will hopefully inspire you to live daily for Jesus and to tell others about Him!

It is Monday, January 4th and today’s reading is the 1st chapter of Matthew. As we get to the end of the chapter it says that Jesus will save his people from their sins and that he will always be with us. How can we know for sure that he knows to save us and that he will be with us?

Well this is where that long list of names comes in that you thought was boring to read and some of you, let’s be honest, probably skipped over! This list tells us that God keeps track of us. He knows people by name. He knows where we came from and what influences people had on us. This list tells us that Jesus can save anybody. These are Jesus’s ancestors. They were not all upstanding citizens. None of them had a clean record. They all sinned!

Jacob was a deceiver and a cheat. Judah had sex with a prostitute. Rahab was a prostitute. Ruth was an idol worshipper. David committed adultery with Bathsheba and had her husband killed! Rehoboam worked his people so hard many rebelled against him. Uzziah angered God and was struck with leprosy. Manasseh was the most evil king Israel ever had. He even sacrificed his children to idols. There wasn’t a sinless one in the bunch and these were Jesus’ relatives! He came to save them from their sins and to be with them as their God!

So God put this record of people in the bible to encourage us and let us know that he knows where we came from, where we have been and what we have done; and He still sent us Jesus to save us from our sins and to be with us all the days of our lives! He did this because He loves every one of us! He wants us to be added to his family.

Be Inspired Hilltop!


  1. Mark Gundersen says

    Joseph wanted to be good by secretly divorcing Mary but God wanted him to be better by keeping with God’s plan. This is one of the few places Joseph gets exposure in the Gospels.

  2. Joe DeLaCruz says

    I was curious about why the ancestral record was relevant. Thank you for the insight. When I read about the transgressions of Jesus’ forebears I’m encouraged that even though I’m a sinful man, God still loves me. It gives me strength to persevere and aspire to change my ways.