February 12/Mark 2

We have barely had time to rest and Jesus is on the move again in Chapter 2!

Verses 1-12 > You notice that Jesus forgave the man’s sins before he healed him. The real pressing need of all of mankind is to have their sins forgiven. There is no other need greater than this. Only those who have had their sins forgiven will enter heaven. There is no sin in heaven! Jesus proves by his miracles that he is God and that he has the authority to forgive sins. I rejoice most everyday that my sins have been forgiven. It sets the tone for the day for me.

1 John 1:9 (NLT) — 9 But if we confess our sins to him, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all wickedness.

Verses 13-17 > Levi wasn’t afraid to bring Jesus to his unsaved friends. He had Good News for old friends. Jesus felt at ease with them. He said it was the unsaved, actually he used the term sick, that needed him. Jesus is for everyone! How do we bring Jesus to our unsaved friends? Jesus lives in us so where we go he goes. Bring yourself to your friends and let them see the changes that Jesus had made in your life. Let them see the joy flowing from your life because yo have experienced forgiveness from sin and the fact you now have a clean record. Levi’s friends probably saw that he wasn’t cheating people anymore on their taxes. Maybe they noticed a new spring in his step and a perpetual smile on his face. They probably saw that he wasn’t getting drunk or committing fornication. Maybe his language had cleaned up. Whatever it was they saw a difference and they welcomed Jesus in their midst. Your friends may not welcome Jesus. Be patient, pray for them, and continue to model you new life style and character before them but not in a prideful condemning way just be natural.

Testimony > When I received Jesus in Tucson, Arizona my biker buddies all thought it would not last and that I would be back doing the fun sinful things we always did. I never went back to doing those things. After four months one of the guys came to me and said, “We have been watching you and you really are a changed person. You seem real. I want what you have.” He received Jesus! How cool was that?

Verses 18-22 > on the question of fasting Jesus said that he came to promote glad times not sad times. Life is not supposed to be funeral it is a wedding feast and Jesus is our Bridegroom and we are his Bride! We bear his name, share his wealth, power and authority and we enjoy his love and protection! People in that day were getting sour on religion with all the rules and regulation imposed on them by the religious leaders. They had to keep bringing animals for sacrifice for their sins and even then they still felt guilt. The priest was to go between to God for them. But now Jesus came to change all of that. The old garment new patch and the old wineskin new wine thing was Jesus’ way of saying everything is going to change I am introducing a new way to relate to God; a completely new way of doing church! He came to introduce the new not patch up the old! We get a brand new robe of Righteousness. We drink the new wine of Jesus’ blood shed for us on Calvary! Think of communion.

Nothing of the old was being carried over. Jesus was the once and for all sacrifice for sin. Jesus now made the way for people  to go directly to the Father anytime they wanted to.  They didn’t have to go into the temple to the holy place or even the holy of holies because they were now going to be the temple of the Holy Spirit! They didn’t have to live up to all the rules and regulations imposed on them that were not of God in the first place. They would now be baptized in the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit would live in them for purity and rest on them for power. Yes there would be occasional fasting but for the most part Christianity should be one of joy and Christians should be the most joyful and enjoyable people on the planet! When you are married to Christ life does become a ‘wedding feast’ in spite of trials and difficulties. Yes these really are good times and not sad times! We are children of God. We call God, Father. We have the authority of Jesus. We have a home in heaven. We have absolutely wonderful Good News!

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  1. Mark Gundersen says

    In the start of the chapter 4 friends bring a man for healing. They are not put off by the crowd and break / open the roof to lower the man down to Jesus. Jesus is not put off by the interruption and forgives the man’s sins then heals him. There was two points for this order of events. First the prevailing thought was that illness was due to a sin so the sin must be removed first, or so the scribes of the pharasees thought, before healing could occur. The second was that foregiveness was not immediately apparent but healing was and showed the authority that God had given Jesus on earth. If He had the authority to do one He had the authority to do both.