February 22/Mark 8

Verses 1-10 > In chapter 6 Jesus fed five thousand men and their families. The disciples saw that so I don’t think they could so quickly forget that incident. Here in chapter 8 their are four thousand that need to be fed and they asked Jesus how this was going to be possible. I think they asked because this was probably a Gentile crowd where in Chapter 6 it was a Jewish crowd. So they were wondering if Jesus was actually going to do something for the Gentiles. Well we can be very thankful that he did! I am glad he didn’t limit himself to the Jews aren’t you? Don’t be choosy when it comes to telling people about Jesus; everyone needs to hear and the ones you consider most unlikely to receive may just …receive!

It said that the disciples distributed the bread. I believe that is our job today as disciples of Jesus. Jesus is the Bread of Life and we are to bring him to those around us. If someone asks what our job description is we can say, “Bread distributors!”

Verses 11-13 > Like many people today they just wanted to be entertained. If the church doesn’t have the music style or the programs that they want they won’t come or they go to where they can find it. To them Jesus is good entertainment; someone to criticize, debate, talk about, but certainly not someone to follow.

Verses 14-21 > Jesus just revealed something very interesting. Basically he said a hard heart comes from forgetting all the things that he has done in our lives. When does our faith begin to waver? When do doubts about God’s goodness creep into our minds? When we forget what Jesus had done for us. When we neglect our Bible reading. When we don’t have Christian fellowship so that others can encourage us by reminding us of Jesus. Jesus gave us communion so that we would remember him and all that he has done for us. Next time you are disappointed with Jesus see if it is because you have forgotten all that he has blessed you with and done for you. There is an old song with the words, “Count your blessings, name them one by one. Count your many blessing see what God has done.” Do it and watch your heart begin to be tender again.

Verses 22-26 > No healing is ever complete until we can see people clearly. Jesus always saw clearly and that it why he had compassion on people. This man said he saw people as trees. We use trees for our own needs like; shade, hold tree forts, fruit, lumber for building, block the wind, burn for heat, etc. It is always for what we can get from them. When we see people clearly we will be like Jesus helping instead of using.

Verses 34-38 > If you live for yourself you will be miserable. If you try to live for Christ on your own power you will be miserable. You must acknowledge that you can’t do it on your own power. Taking up the cross means you are accepting Christ’s help, just like Jesus couldn’t carry His cross by His own power. He collapsed under the weight of it. The  Roman soldiers got Simon to carry it. We to must rely on the Spirit of Jesus to empower us to live our lives in obedience to Jesus. This is the meaning of denying self. We deny our self the chance to live on its own.

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  1. Mark Gundersen says

    Jesus warned about the yeast of the pharasees. This yeast were their ideas and laws that were not part of God’s law but which can spread through the people and lead to the people turning from Jesus over a 1 week period. This same yeast led to the stoning of Stephen and the persecution of the church.