February 23/Mark 9

This respitory flu has been rough on me but I am feeling much better today. A sweet ‘thank you’ for all of you who were praying!

Verses 1-9 > The brilliant whiteness showed that Jesus was sinless. As great as Moses and Elijah were they were not sinless only Jesus is! Jesus, the mountain climber, probably could have chosen to follow Moses and Elijah back into heaven but he didn’t; aren’t you glad he didn’t. He stayed so he could climb another mountain, Mount Calvary and be crucified for you and me. The verse said that they saw only Jesus when Moses and Elijah left. If you are going to follow someone, adore someone, emulate someone, honor someone, live for someone, let it be Jesus! Don’t look to anyone else.

Verse 19 > “Bring the boy to me.” I believe this was an admonishment to grow up! In the verses before this they were arguing instead of helping. They had seen the many miracles of Jesus and it was time to believe in him and grow in their faith. We need to continue to bring people to Jesus. Bring them to church, bring them to bible study, bring them to our homes, and bring them to wherever they can hear the truth and experience the presence of Jesus.

Verses 33-50 > Five Requirements for Greatness according to Jesus.

  1. Treat all people equally. verses 35-37. The tendency is to only hang with those who can help us. So Jesus showed a child. They can’t help us get ahead they can only take because they are so needy.
  2. Be gracious to all. Verses 38-41. Just because they are not part of our church or do things the way we do them be gracious and help where you can. Don’t get uptight relax!
  3. Be sensitive to others. verse 41. Some people don’t have the same freedoms as we do. Don’t criticize them for it or cause them to sin. Example: Maybe you have the freedom to drink a beer but some other Christian may not. If you talk them into doing something they believe is wrong you cause them to sin. Don’t drink when you are around them.Romans 14:23 (NLT) — 23 But if you have doubts about whether or not you should eat something, you are sinning if you go ahead and do it. For you are not following your convictions. If you do anything you believe is not right, you are sinning.
  4. Deal with yourself radically. verses 43-48. Be sensitive to others but deal radically with the sin in your own life. Cut out whatever it is in your life that hinders you from following Jesus totally. Truly great people deal radically with the sin in their lives.
  5. Live in peace with each others. verses 49-50. Jesus is the Prince of Peace. If he is living in me than I do what I can to maintain peace. Our peace will be tested. We must have the qualities of salt which can never lose its saltiness. So Jesus is saying you must never lose your peace! Help us Holy Spirit!

Be Inspired Hilltop!




  1. Mark Gundersen says

    The demon could only be removed with prayer. This implies that there needs to be a constant connection with the Father to have the power of the name of Jesus. The same point is made latter in the chapter when others were healing and casting out demons in the name of Jesus and He states they were with him. The relationship is important for the power.

  2. Daniel Mueller says

    Right on Dr. Mark!