February 9/Matthew 27

Verses 1-10 > These people represented the Law and the Law cannot forgive. Their is no grace in the Law. The law can only condemn. The purpose of the law was to lead people to Jesus so that instead of being condemned they could receive forgiveness. How selfish of these religious leaders to bind up the one who was full of grace and truth. They didn’t want him and they didn’t want anyone else to have him either. Big mistake! Oh that Judas would have made this confession to Jesus and received forgiveness along with a clean slate. But the devil had entered him. Sin is the Devil’s tool and this tool is only used to steal, kill, and destroy. Remember that the next time you play around with sin; it is a loaded gun!

Many people today are like these religious leaders who tried to cover up their sin of murder by doing a good deed > buying this field for the poor. The problem with covered up sin is that it eventually gets exposed by God. He lifts the cover and sees all. Only the blood of Jesus and I mean only the blood of Jesus wipes away all sin.

Verses 11-25 > do you see how deceptive and blinding sin is? These people all saw Jesus heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons, feed thousands of people, still storms and yet when the choice came between receiving Jesus or the murderer Barabbas they chose Barabbas! Wow! Wow! Let me say that again because this choice baffles me Wow! You would think that over the years we would wise up to sin but we haven’t we still allow it to kill, steal and destroy. The enemy has never had to change his game plan. Shame on us for falling for it!

Verses 50-51 > Jesus died on his terms. His terms are always at the right time. The timing of the Lord is spot on! Remember that when things don’t seem to be going way. When the Spirit of God is on the move nothing can stand in His way. Oh that we would tremble before God. Oh that we would not stand in the way of his will being done in our lives. The earth and the rocks made way for the Lord. When the Spirit of Jesus moved off the cross death moved out of the way and released its grip on the righteous dead. The curtain that blocked the entry into the presence of God was now split in two and we are allowed access to the very Throne Room of God! Under the law we could not enter because we were unclean but we are now clean under the grace of God! Spirit of Jesus move on us!

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  1. Mark Gundersen says

    When we read the first group of verses about the potter’s field bought by the “blood money” for betraying Jesus it is easy to only see a negative connitation in association with Judus’s suicide. If you look deeper the blood spilled for the poor was actually the most precious blood in the world. It was she’d to bring salvation to all the poor and lost sheep of the world. Someone ends up in a potters field if no one claims them on earth but the blood means they are claimed by the Father. Then we read about the trial before Pilate. He is shown to care more for how he is seen by people than to care about justice. He does not even have enough inner strength to take responsibility for his action. The biggest apparent change of heart appears in the crowd that turns from cheering him on the first day of the week to wanting him killed on the fifth day. They were looking for the type of Messiah that Jesus will be at his second coming instead of the loving son, of a loving Father, who does not want anyone lost and is patient to wait for his people to return to him. His death opened the way for atonement where the blood is sprinkled directly on the people for atonement and not on a holy, but transitory, alter that needs constant reapplication of blood to stay holy.