April 1/Luke 21

Leave it to Jesus to preface troubled times, persecuting times, and end times with a story that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the troubled future ahead and yet upon close examination it is the very answer on how to get through the tough times ahead as talked about by Jesus in this chapter. The story is the opening 4 verses on people dropping money in the collection box at church.

So my fellow blog readers what is the answer? How do we get through troubled times based on the opening Story? It is two words _______ ______. As you read the chapter you will find little clues that should lead you to the answer. Tell me what the answer is and how you arrived at your answer by using the commenting space. I will give you my answer towards he end of day if I remember:)

I love you Hilltop. Be inspired!




  1. Mark Gundersen says

    Trust God. The widow trusted God when she put her all into the offering. In the end times persecution will flourish but God will protect his follower’s eternal life and will provide the words you need to answer authorities. Many disasters will occur in the world prior to Jesus’s return but watch for Jesus to return from heaven. Also trusting God more than man will prevent being deceived by false mesiahs.

  2. Shawna Zelinsky says

    Answer is “trust God” and Dr. Mark hit the nail on the head! It would take a lot of trust in God to give Him everything. God knows what is a head of us and we don’t see everything a head of us. God sees the whole puzzle and I see only a few peaces. So I’m probably better off trusting and listening to God who sees the whole puzzle.

  3. I also had “Trust God” and he will provide all we need…he will take care of any fears or worries about the future…he will redeem us…he will protect our hearts from things that close in on us like a trap…and he will save us from destruction so that we can stand before him when he comes. He has everything covered!

    • Daniel Mueller says

      You all got the answer. Trust God is actually what life boils down to. Thank you for your comments. And keep Trusting God!