March 15/Luke 8

Verse 1 > This says that Jesus was on tour. Most rock bands name their tours. Let’s call this tour by Jesus “The Highway to Forgiveness”. The greatest need of mankind isn’t a cure for cancer or another micro brewed beer. The greatest need is forgiveness! Only Jesus can forgive sin without this everybody would be on AC/DC’s tour “Highway to Hell”. If you haven’t already heard my two messages on Forgiveness given these last two Sundays please go and listen in the sermon section. They are guaranteed to change your life!

Verses 2-3 > Jesus’ groupies were people that had their sins forgiven and the demons of hell cast out. They counted the cost of following Jesus > forgiving others just as Jesus had forgiven them; even to the point of praying blessings on the people that had hurt them! They were willing to take up their cross > hang their grudges on it, and move on with Jesus. What a group to belong to. They were so grateful for what Jesus had done for them that their form of worship was a  willingness to ‘finance the tour’.

Hey Hilltop we are on a tour to “Help People Win at Life for the Glory of God”. Has Jesus so touched you that your gratefulness overflows with generous giving?

Proverbs 11:24–25 (NLT) — 24 Give freely and become more wealthy; be stingy and lose everything. 25 The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.

Verses 4-15 > The Forgiveness Tour had now attracted a large crowd of people. Jesus stops to tell them a story. Basically he says my words are seed. If you receive what I say and put it into practice your life will never be the same. His words are spoken to all but he doesn’t force them on anybody. There is no loud screaming, no wild body gyrations, no amped up electric guitars, no smoke, and no light show; just words of truth. Truth is the attraction for those looking for it. Those who receive the truth win a life and those who don’t receive don’t win at life.

Have you received the truth of Jesus? Do you put his words into action? Most of life isn’t an amped up rock show it just everyday living for Jesus. If you are looking for amusement and a feel good time go to a rock show. If you are looking for a life of meaning and a secure future after this life is over listen to Jesus. Pretty simple right?

Verses 16-18 > The word of God  is a lamp to guide us. Covering the lamp or hiding it, means a person is not applying the word to his life. Eventually you will see it in his life, there will be no or very limited spiritual growth. Lighting the lamp means to apply the word in every day living. Jesus says we are to pay attention how we hear. Are we hearing only to audit the word or are we hearing to obey the word. If we hear and obey Jesus will give us more light or more understanding. More light means we are able to go farther down the path into new areas of spiritual maturity. The fruit of the Spirit will begin to ripen in our lives.

Verse 21 > Obedience is thicker than blood!

Verses 22- 25 > Here is an example of a group of guys not paying attention when Jesus was speaking. We can get that way right? Jesus said they were going to cross to the other side but judging by the disciples reaction to the storm they weren’t really listening to Jesus. But hold on a minute! We can’t get on their case because we have panicked at times right? Jesus said he would never leave us and that all things would work out for good; so why did we panic when that last storm hit us? Just asking:) We all could do a better job of listening! It might help us to sleep better too.

Verses 26-39 > Go back to last week to Thursday’s blog and read my comment on this story.

Listen well and:

Be Inspired Hilltop!


  1. Mark Gundersen says

    Most of what happens in this chapter we have heard before in Matthew and Mark. The importance of having good soil to grow the word and how contact with Jesus leads to clensing. Some of those that were healed followed Jesus while others were told to stay as lights to where they were. If all the light followed Jesus how could it be passed to others when Jesus was not physically present.

  2. Daniel Mueller says

    Dr. Mark makes a good point. We don’t want to keep the light all in one place that is why the Lord has all of us in different places. We come on Sunday to recharge our lights and then the Lord sends us out to shine for Him so that people can see the real Jesus as they watch us live out our lives.