March 17/Luke 10

Verse 1 > Ok so knowing what we know so far about the kingdom of God > that we must forgive, that we can’t expect a life of comfort, not everyone will be enamored with our Christianity, we will suffer persecution, we must turn away from our selfishness,  we will have to walk by faith not by sight, 10% of what we earn right off the top must go to the Lord, we must take marriage seriously, love our enemies, and even pray a blessing on them, no immunity from the storms of life, etc. do you still want to be chosen? Did I forget to mention that we will have faith, hope, love, and the Holy Spirit, and heaven as our future home!

Verse 3 > We are sent out as humble givers not prideful takers. We are sent out to help and build up not to tear apart and destroy. We will be the hunted not the hunter. Or as Ted Haggard says, “We are life guards not umpires”.

Verse 4 > No distractions. We will never be as prepared as we want to be. If you wait until you feel prepared you will probably never go. We must go and trust Jesus.

Verse 11 > I like what Nancy said yesterday > don’t take their dust > grudges, disappointments, hurts and bitterness with you. Shake it off! There will always be dust in the world but we don’t have to let it settle and find a home on us! Shoot I don’t even let it settle on my Miata very long:) so why should I let is settle on me. Forgiveness is a Christian’s dust cloth. Hey I like that.

Verses 12-15 > apparently there are degrees of judgment and punishment. Either way I will accept Jesus and avoid both. You?

Verse 16 > Hey if anyone despises you for being a Christian don’t take it personally keep your joy and move on; they are really despising Jesus not you! You feel better now don’t you?

Verse 20 > When your world seems to be going to pieces, when going down would actually be going up for you, when the knot at the end of your rope is unraveling, Jesus said to think about heaven and rejoice! It isn’t always going to be this way.

Verses 30-37 > When you look at someone who has a need don’t think about who they are or how they came to have the need; think about who you are > a follower of Jesus. Make the decision based on who you are.

Verses 36-42 > Our relationship with Jesus is worth our concern. Good can keep us from the best. What were some of the good things that kept you from your daily bible reading this week? What were some of the good things that kept you from taking time to talk to Jesus and hear what he had to say? It was a good thing that Martha was doing in preparing a meal for Jesus. The best would have been to listen to the meal Jesus was preparing for her. Man shall not live on bread alone but on every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

Jesus is saying that if we take the time for him that time will not be taken away from us or be wasted time. Hey Jesus can make the sun stand still if we need more hours in the day! I did say “if”.
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  1. Daniel Mueller says

    Sorry that this was late. I thought I hit the publish button late last night but apparently I didn’t.

  2. Mark Gundersen says

    Who is your neighbor, and even more important, are you a good neighbor. Do you let the troubles of the day make you not help someone in trouble or do you stop, go out of your way, spend your money to help someone else? The last sentence has 2 important word choices made: 1) Whose way should be more important and 2) Whose money is it really. The needy person may have been put in front of you so you can show kindness to the least of these and therefore show kindness to Jesus. Also is was a Samaritan that showed the kindness and was not initially in God’s chosen people. So in conclusion are you a good Samaritan or a pharasie/ levite.

  3. Forgiveness is a Christian’s dust clothing. I like that too.