March 24/Luke 15

Have you ever lost anything? About 8 weeks ago I was riding my bicycle to church for a staff meeting. Before I left the house on put on my wrap around riding glasses and put my regular glasses with the transition lenses in its case and stuck the case in my pocket. When I got to church I reached in pocket to retrieve my regular glasses and they weren’t there! After the staff meeting I retraced my route and no success I couldn’t find them. I retraced that route for many days in a row and no success. I even stopped in at a couple of places along the way to see if someone had turned them in. No! Those were valuable glasses but being lost they are of no value to me now. They wouldn’t be valuable to anyone else unless they had the same prescription as me otherwise everything would be blurry and distorted.

The Pharisees and religious leaders didn’t have the same prescription eyes that Jesus did. Sinners to them looked blurry and distorted. They didn’t see anything of value or worthy of their time. But when Jesus looked at them through his eyes he saw clearly; that they could be valuable if they were found by him. So he tells the Pharisees a couple of stories to get his point across.

Verses 1-10 > This shepherd has a hundred sheep and some how, perhaps while he was eating lunch or checking the stock market on his cell phone, one of them escapes his eyesight and wanders off. He is a good shepherd, he wasn’t hired to take care of the sheep, he owns the sheep and he loves his sheep. I am sure he pictured a wolf tearing that sheep to shreds and it pained his heart. That was a valuable sheep. It provided wool, milk, and little sheep! However it was of no value to him being lost. So being a good shepherd he searches for the sheep until he finds it. He is so over joyed that he texts all of his buddies to come over and rejoice with him!

Point of the story > At one time human beings were God’s. Satan came along and stole us from Adan and Eve when they sinned. Father God values us so much that he sent Jesus to pull us out of the clutches of the Satan and bring us home to the Father. Jesus hung around the tax collectors and other sinners because sinners are lost people. You only find something if you go to the exact place it was lost. Remember the day he found Zacchaeus? He went to Jericho because that was where Zacchaeus was lost!

Luke 19:9–10 (NLT) — 9 Jesus responded, “Salvation has come to this home today, for this man(Zacchaeus) has shown himself to be a true son of Abraham. 10 For the Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost.”

We weren’t of any value to Father God while we were sinners. When we yielded our lives to Jesus we become valuable again. We begin to live for Jesus by exhibiting his love, kindness, patience, and forgiveness to those around us. We are witnesses for Jesus telling others what he has done in our lives so that they might receive him and be found too! . Jesus implied that if we thought the shepherds and his friends rejoiced over finding one sheep their party was nothing like what was going on in heaven! The religious people walked by Zacchaeus everyday and didn’t see him as valuable because their eye sight was blurred and distorted with rules and regulations instead of love and compassion. We need to go where the lost people are otherwise we will never be able to introduce them to Jesus. Pretty simple right? Maybe not, the religious people didn’t get it.

The lady loses a coin in her own house. Maybe she had a hole in her pocket and when she was cooking supper it fell out and rolled into a crack in the wall. Apparently this coin was very valuable to her. However it had no value to her as long as it was lost. So because of the value she sweeps and searches and turns the place upside down until she finds it. Remember the last time you lost your car keys? You turned your place upside down by pulling out drawers looking in jacket pockets, emptying purses, tossing the couch cushions on the floor and finally you found them; in the pocket of the jeans you were wearing! No joke Cleo’s done that:) This lady is so over joyed that she found the coin that she calls her calls her friends and the whole neighborhood to com and party! (Cleo called me on her cell phone but I’m not much of a partier.)

Point of Story > Like the lost coin lost people could be in your own home or family. What kind of a witness for Jesus are you? Do you pray for them? Are you patient with them? Do you speak kindly to them? Are you in a sense searching for them? Do they like to hang out with you or are they intimidated by you? Sinners liked to hang out with Jesus. They didn’t feel condemned or intimidated by him. Does your family like to hang out with you? Perhaps you could change the atmosphere so they feel loved, accepted and forgiven. Perhaps you could lay down your life for your families lives. Don’t be so negative and demanding. Listen more and talk way less! My father used to say, “You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.”  Are you the kind of Christian that sets people’s teeth on edge like vinegar or are you sweet to the taste like honey. Hey heaven likes to party do your part to help them out.

Additional Point > Jesus and the Father are never satisfied they always want one more. Ask Jesus to give you his vision so you can go and find one more! People are valuable to God only if they are found.

Be Inspired Hilltop!


  1. Praying you’ll find your glasses. (For with God all things are possible. Matthew 19:26) 🙂

  2. Mark Gundersen says

    The third parable was the prodigal son. The son knew the father loved him when he asked for his inheritance early and got it. He was not a good manager of what the father gave him and ended up hungry and surrounded with pigs. He still remembered the Father’s love, even to the servants, and returned. The father showed his loving nature to the lost son but the faithful (?) son did not know the Father’s love. He could not love his brother and did not know that if he asked the father, he would get what he asked for. So are you the son that knows the father or the son who does not.