March 3/Mark 16

Verses 1-2 > Here we have three ladies who were so in love with Jesus that they took their Saturday evening to go get some burial spices so they could get up early on Sunday to go see what they assumed was a dead Jesus. Anybody want to guess where I am going with this:)

They had never experienced such amazing grace, so total a forgiveness, and such an incredible unconditional love from anyone before Jesus. Mary Magdalene alone had seven demons cast out of her by Jesus. Jesus put women on equal status with men. He didn’t look at them as second class citizens. He always treated them with dignity and respect. So dead or alive come Sunday morning he would have their undivided attention and affection!

If they were willing to take time on Saturday evening to prepare to meet a dead Jesus are we more willing to prepare our hearts for Sunday morning to meet an alive Jesus? It cost them time, money and energy to pick up the spices. Could I, Could you spend some time Saturday night praying over Sunday morning that all of Hilltop would come to offer enthusiastic praise? Could we pray for the band that they will be empowered by the Holy Spirit to lead us into worship? Could we pray that the songs we sing are the ones our living Lord Jesus wants to hear? Could we pray that the Holy Spirit would give us a prophecy or word of knowledge for someone.

Could we pray that people would be healed physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally? Could we pray that unsaved people would walk in and get saved? Could we pray that the pastor would have a message that was anointed by the Holy Spirit and would speak to people’s hearts and invoke the proper God-given response; that the message would open up the word of God so it would be understandable? Could we pray that we would see what the Lord was doing and then do the same things or hear what he was saying and say those things?

Could we pray that God’s tangible presence would be felt during communion and that by taking communion the Holy Spirit would bring a wonderful unity to all of us at Hilltop; after all we are one body, the body of Christ! Could we pray for our children that they would also sense the presence of Lord? Could we pray the we would take time to pray over the infants, toddlers, and kid’s church kids? Could we  pray for all the volunteers that they would love serving at Hilltop? Could we pray that we would all be encouragers to each other? Could we pray that we would seek out new people and make them feel welcome?

Verse 3 > Could we pray that God would roll away any stone that would keep us from seeing the real Jesus?

Verse 5 > Our faith hangs on the fact that Jesus is Alive! This truly makes life worth living! This truth can be used to shatter all of our doubts, disappointments and fears! Why do I know my sins are forgiven > Jesus is alive. Why do I know that my future is secure > Jesus is Alive! Why can I face an unknown future > Jesus is Alive!

Verse 7 > I like those words, “including Peter”. Our Lord still considered Peter one of his disciples even though Peter had denied even knowing Jesus. Oh what love. Oh what forgiveness. Oh what grace and mercy. We have all denied our Lord at one time or another; if not by words certainly by actions. And yet He would say today to us “including ________” Put your name in the blank! Including has a sweet ring to it doesn’t it? Those of us who haven’t been included at times know how special ‘including’ is.

Verse 8 > Perhaps if we took some time on Saturday night to prepare for Sunday morning we would leave Hilltop walking in the fear of the Lord. Perhaps we would be trembling and in awe of what God had just done so much so that we would have to tell someone!

Verse 20 > Let’s look for God to confirm His word with the miraculous!

Be Inspired Hilltop!




  1. Mark Gundersen says

    Maybe we can pray, continuing the train of thought, that we will be used to bring the message to Fergus Falls, Minnesota, and the ends of the Earth. Also that we, who have not seen Jesus, would believe that He is risen on faith and not have to wait until we see him to believe. These last 2 chapters set the faith bar high for men to keep up with the women.

  2. Thank you!

  3. Nancy Symens says

    Amen. And thank you for great stirring and encouragement.