April 15/John 7

Verse 17 > This is a wonderful promise from Jesus. If a person is serious about obeying God and starts to obey what Jesus taught in the scriptures, God will reveal himself to that individual. That person will know in his heart and in his spirit that this is the way to live. This is the way to life. There will be a peace in the inside that will confirm what the person is doing is right. A peace that passes all understanding.

Verse 19 > You shall not murder. Jesus’ message was from God and so was Moses’ and neither one were being obeyed. The people didn’t fear the Lord. Taking the Lord seriously will always lead to obeying him. If you take the fear away you take the obedience away. Some how the devil has managed to take the fear of the Lord out of the hearts of people. The church as a whole needs the fear of the Lord; a reverence, a respect, a bowing of the heart to his authority.

Psalm 36:1–2 (The Living Bible) — 1 Sin lurks deep in the hearts of the wicked, forever urging them on to evil deeds. They have no fear of God to hold them back. 2 Instead, in their conceit, they think they can hide their evil deeds and not get caught.

Verse 24 > It appeared that Jesus was breaking the Sabbath but with further observation one would realize that Jesus gave life by giving healing and the Sabbath was instituted by God to bring life; rest to the body and nourishment to the soul. The Pharisees just looked at it as another duty to fulfill. To the person that has no relationship with Jesus the Bible is just a book of do’s and don’ts, rules to obey. To the one in relationship with the author it is a book of Life! What it the Bible to you? What is your relationship to the author?

Verse 27 > Know the scriptures and you will know the Messiah. The scriptures all point to him!

Verse 29 > Thank you Father for sending Jesus to me! When I read verse 29 it caused me to praise the Lord. Wow he would send Jesus to me! It makes me so happy I think I will get a pizza and celebrate! Anybody else want to do that? Wouldn’t that be sweet if a bunch of us went out for pizza and we were having a good time celebrating and the waitress asks why the party and we could say, “Because the Father sent Jesus to us!”  Any thoughts?

Verse 31 > At least some of the people got it. It is the same today, some will get it and that is why we keep witnessing for Jesus.

Verse 34 > Unbelievers have no place in heaven.

Verse 37 > Anyone may come to Jesus regardless of what they have done or where they have been or what they have said. Anyone who has a hunger for spiritual truth. Anyone who desires to know the reason for this life, the purpose of this life and the life after this life is over. Jesus will take us all!

Verse 39 > I love having fellowship with the Holy Spirit. He is ok with the pizza idea. In fact he will be there!

Verse 47 > Be assured that Jesus will never lead you astray.

Verse 49 > They were so blind that they saw Jesus as a curse instead of a blessing. How do you see Jesus?

Verse 52 > I guess the Pharisees didn’t know scripture that well. Jonah came from Gath-hepher which is in Galilee.

2 Kings 14:25 (NLT) — 25 Jeroboam II recovered the territories of Israel between Lebo-hamath and the Dead Sea, just as the Lord, the God of Israel, had promised through Jonah son of Amittai, the prophet from Gath-hepher.

Stick with the scriptures and:

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  1. Mark Gundersen says

    This chapter asks the question: Who us Jesus? Was he a good man, a prophet, insane or the Messiah? What you answer determines your eternal fate. Jesus went to prepare a place for his followers but the pharacies had no right to that place due to self righteousness instead of God rightousness.