April 18/John 8

We really do need to get to know Jesus. People were always trying to trap him, trick him and tear him apart and yet he was wise to it all. I want to get to the point in my life where I don’t fall for any of the enemies tricks. You?

Verse 3 > The law can only condemn and humiliate; is has no compassion. Thank you Father for Jesus! Where was the man? The law said that both of them should die. I guess to these guys the law didn’t apply to men. Or they were too chicken to confront the guy. Women were easy pickings. These guys were nothing buy hypocrites and Jesus was about to expose them like they exposed this woman only he didn’t humiliate them.

Verse 4 > I guess when you think about we are all caught in sin. Nothing escapes the eyes of our Lord. I am so glad he doesn’t drag us in front of people and humiliate and embarrass us. I am so glad for grace and mercy. Knowing this really makes you appreciate Jesus, doesn’t it?

Verses 5-6 > The law will always keep badgering you and hounding you because it can’t forgive you. Again aren’t you glad for Jesus?

Verse 9 > Get alone with Jesus by getting alone with his word. As you read and believe you will learn of his forgiveness. You will learn that his blood has washed your sinful record clean. The condemning voices will no longer bother you. There is no condemnation for those who believe in Jesus and have had their sins forgiven.

Romans 8:1 (NLT) — 1 So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus.

Verse 11 > I believe Jesus is saying, ” Don’t forget to forgive yourself so you can stay free and not fall back into this sin; and don’t let the enemy put any false guilt on you because you are now clean. There is no record of this sin in heaven!”

Verse 12 > Grace is the way of Jesus. Grace is the way of light.  I choose to live in His Amazing Grace! I believe that lady became a worshiper. I mean wouldn’t you worship with all your heart of you knew your record of sin had been wiped clean? Why not just take a minute right not to thank the Lord and praise him for your clean record. That felt good didn’t it?

Verse 14 > Jesus is saying, “I am God. I came from heaven. You refuse to acknowledge this.” There is no hope for anyone who will not acknowledge Jesus is God and then yield their lives to him. The simple answer to the question, “Who is Jesus; he is God.”

Verse 16 > Even though the Father was unseen he was a real reality to Jesus. Even though Jesus is unseen he needs to be areal reality to us. He is with us, he is Immanuel!

Verse 18 > Jesus and the Father witness everything we do and yet they forgive us!

Verse 24 > Jesus died in our sins and I want to die in Jesus.

Verse 30 > Believed is a verb, it is an action.  It means that these people trusted Jesus with their lives. It was like they jumped into his lap and were willing to be carried wherever Jesus wanted to go. Like a baby in the arms of its mother or in the baby stroller or on the back of the motorcycle: absolutely trusting.

This plays out practically when we live out the teachings of Jesus. He carries us to our neighbors and we bless them. He carries us to work and we are a blsessing there. He carries us into marriage and we love and respect our spouse. He carries us to our bibles and we read and study. He brings us to times of prayer and we pray. He gives us children and we take the time to raise them up to be good citizens in the kingdom of heaven. He carries us into a storm and we live through it without worrying or projecting faithless anxiety; knowing that if we die we die with Christ only to be resurrected again!
Jesus isn’t looking for seasonal workers. Like UPS will hire during the Christmas season or stores will put on extra help anticipating more business. He isn’t looking for people who are only with him in the good times. He is looking for people who are with him for the long haul; through the good times and the bad times.
Applied truth is the only truth that will set you free. I read the word of God and I apply it to my life and it frees me from the grip of Satan, sin, and selfishness.

Verses 32&39 > There is a difference between fact and truth. Facts don’t set you free, truth does.

Example: Jehovah told Israel that he would give them a land flowing with milk and honey. This is a picture of a rich prosperous land. The spies went to check it out and they came back and said it was a fact the land is everything Jehovah said it was. But then they also said that there were giants there which was a fact and they believed the giants would defeat them which was not true.

The truth was that Jehovah was giving them the land. They didn’t believe the truth and they were not free to go take the land. They did not apply the truth and they didn’t get to enjoy the land because they put fact over truth. They lived in the desert when they could have been living in a well watered luxurious place.
In verse 39 Jesus said that it was Abrahams example that we should follow in this life. He heard the word of God, believed and showed that he believed by applying it to his life. God said that he would give Abraham a son. That was truth. The fact was that Abraham and Sarah were too old to have children. Abraham chose to believe the truth and it set him free to live life and not worry about the future.
How many of us are living in less than desirable circumstances simply because we  are not applying the word of God to our lives simply because the facts seem contrary to the word of God?
The facts would have gotten the woman caught in adultery killed. But Jesus the Truth came along and set her free.
You have the facts now get the truth!
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  1. Mark Gundersen says

    The woman was caught in adultery but only her sin was forgiven. Her accusers left because of their own sins. As opposed to many of the others in this chapter her accusers recognized Jesus’s authority even if they were unwilling to fully submit to it. The big point of this chapter is that if you really know God then you will know Jesus and vice versa and you can only go to heaven if you do.