April 26/John 14

Verse 1 > Don’t let your heart get to the point of being agitated, frazzled, or greatly disturbed. Instead of being trouble, trust God. Jesus goes on to say “remember heaven”. You will not always have to live here you will live with me forever where you will never be troubled! In the midst of trouble look ahead to what’s ahead!

Verses 4-6 > The way to heaven is trusting Jesus. That is what he said in verse 1.

Verses 13-14 > Will what you are asking for enhance the reputation of Jesus? Will it add to his already good name? Would Jesus put his stamp of approval on your request? If so ask away to your heart’s content.

Verse 15 > How does anyone know that we love Jesus?

Verses 21-27 > The more we obey the Lord the more of himself he reveals to us. The world does not obey him, because the world does not love him, so he does not reveal himself to the world. The Father and Jesus do not come and make their home in the world. They make their home in us believers! Do they feel at home in you? Obedience is like putting out the welcome mat for Jesus to come in.

The indwelling of the Holy Spirit will cause us to have peace of mind and heart. The Holy Spirit is an expert in every thing. Fellowship with Him and let him advise you through the word and he will also bring to your remembrance the scriptures that you have read in the bible. Yesterday I made a house call and I asked the Holy Spirit what verse he wanted me to bless the people with and he impressed in my mind where the verses were. It was just what they needed to hear! You must continue to read scripture so the Holy Spirit can bring it to your memory.

Jesus had just told them in verse 23 that they would be indwelt with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; so don’t be troubled or afraid!

Verse 30 > Because Satan has no power over Jesus he has no power over us; we are in Jesus and he is in us.

Verse 31 > We know Jeus loved the Father because he obeyed the Father just like Jesus knows that we love him because we obey him.

Thank you Jesus for loving your Father. Thank you for obeying Him. It is because of that love and obedience that we are saved! We have been set free from the grip of the enemy. Help us Holy Spirit to love the Father and live in obedience to Him.
Obedience to the Father always leads to freedom. Satan looses his grip on us every time we obey the Father!
Don’t be troubled instead:
Be Inspired Hilltop!


  1. Mark Gundersen says

    The keys to heaven are trusting and loving. If you trust and love Jesus then you have access to the father and have placed the welcome mat out for the Holy Spirit. Showing these characteristics allows us to do the work that God placed us on the Earth to do which is the same as what Jesus did when he was on Earth. Also remember that we are expected to show the family resemblance.