April 7/John 1

Verses 1-3 > John opens up his book of the Bible by calling Jesus the Word. When God the Father created Jesus spoke that creation into existence so he is called the Word; like there is no word that trumps God’s word and God always has the first and last word in everything! Jesus was in the beginning when ever that was no one was before him and no one created him. He has always been with God the Father and the Holy Spirit. That is why I said one Sunday, just to see if people were awake, that Jesus is older than dirt! Jesus is God!

Verses 4-9 > Jesus breathed life into everything that he created and his life was like a beacon of light pointing out the right way to live this life. That is why he could say if you are not following me you are walking in darkness or the wrong way to live. Satan’s way and going your own way is considered the dark way. Darkness can never overcome the light; even the dimmest bulb will drive out darkness. Satan’s and your own way will never ever be better than Jesus’ way, never! You will never have a better idea than Jesus. Remember he is the Word! Nobody has a better word than Jesus.

As a salesman for Jesus John had the best product on the market. Nothing is better than Jesus. You need to remember that because you in a sense are a salesman for Jesus. You are called to be his witness and nothing can trump Jesus. Every salesman longs to have the best product available at the best price and we have that in Jesus! I am not belittling Jesus with the product analogy I am just saying we have the best when we have Jesus!

Verse 11 > When Jesus came on the scene he didn’t find a ‘Welcome’ mat at the door of most people’s hearts, what He found was  ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign. What sign have you placed at the door of your heart?

Verse 14 > Jesus so loved us that he became human like us so that he could save us so he could be with us forever! Don’t you just love Jesus?

Verse 15 > Jesus is far greater than I am. This is the position in life that we must take; it is a humble position, but God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble. Jesus has always been around. He created the world that we live in how could I ever think that I know better than Him!

Verse 16 > The Lord always provides out of His abundance. Their is no lack with God. The only exception might have been that He only had one son; not an abundance of sons and yet this one son was more than enough for us. In this one son there is an abundance of grace and truth. Grace upon Grace! God’s grace is sufficient.

Verse 17 > Moses was a great man but he wasn’t The Man. Jesus is! Man makes laws but Jesus gives unfailing love and faithfulness.

Verses 19-23 >What is your testimony concerning Jesus? Do you consider yourself a voice for the Lord? Is your testimony all about yourself or about Jesus? We tell people about Jesus so that their hearts may be prepared to receive him. It is kind of the sales thing again, everything about Jesus trumps anything thing else that is out there.

Verse 29 > Nothing takes away sin like Jesus! Jesus knew when he came that he was going to be covered with ugly and he came anyway!

Verse 32 > I want to be a person that the Holy Spirit rests on. I don’t want to grieve him, quench him, or drive him away. I need the Holy Spirit to help me live for Jesus. I can’t afford to be without him–you?

Verse 39 > If it is true that Jesus lives in me then my life should be a ‘come and see’ where I model the love of Jesus like he did.

Verse 51 > Jesus is the stairway to heaven. He is the bridge between God and man.

John 14:6 (NLT) — 6 Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.
Jacob had a vision of this stairway.
Genesis 28:12 (NLT) — 12 As he slept, he dreamed of a stairway that reached from the earth up to heaven. And he saw the angels of God going up and down the stairway.
Maybe Nathanael had been thinking about that very passage when he was under the fig tree. Perhaps that is why Jesus said what he said.
I could summarize this chapter by saying, “Jesus is all we need.”
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  1. Kathy Gundersen says

    Amen Jesus is all we need! Sometimes i wonder what i would of done if i would of lived in Jesus days. Would i believe? Or would i be sceptical? All i know is if God
    Said it i believe it. Just a thought.

  2. Mark Gundersen says

    It is interesting in this gospel that John the Baptist did not recognize Jesus as the Messiah until after baptizing him when in other Gospels he did recognize him. John the Baptist prepared the way but, like most of the Jews, expected a different way. Our job is to continue to prepare the way.

  3. I think we all want a Do Not Disturb sign when it comes to life itself but life had a way of disturbing us. Jesus said I’ve come to give life abundantly. Jesus says I have a peace that’s unlike anything the world offers. Help me Savior to never put out a Do Not Disturb sign to you! Good thought, Pastor Dan!