June 20/Romans 4

Just a reminder that I am using the New Living Translation as I comment on the scripture reading for the day.

Verse 1 > Discover means to find out for yourself. Little kid are fun to hang out with because they haven’t lived very long so most everything is a discovery. Hanging out with grandpa Vesper has discovered the moon, the stars, what tree bark feels, how fun it is to go barefoot in the sand, how good chocolate milk is, how intimidating it can be to feed big geese bread, what a joy it is to walk down the toy isles at Walmart, how slippery a worm feels and what the wind can do even though you can’t see it. In this chapter along with Abraham and Paul we are going to discover about being made right with God.

Verse 2 >  We can’t boast about working for it because good works are not God’s way; so like Abraham we can cross that off our list.

Verse 3 > It is not trying. It is trusting. It is not behaving it is believing. I know this is tough to grasp because we have been so conditioned to ‘earning what we get’.

Verse 4 > See what I mean, we are so accustomed to working for what we get. But being made right with God is his gift to us. It is like me with Vesper. I just give her my time and things; she has never had to earn anything I give her, I just do it because I love her. It doesn’t matter if she has pooped in her pants, or spit up her food I still love her and give her gifts.

Verse 5 > In God’s forgiveness shelf there is a sign that reads, “For Sinners Only”. If you are a sinner you can receive the gift of forgiveness of sins.

Verses 6-8 > King David knew what a relief it was to be forgiven. He royally messed up! He lied, committed adultery, got a lady pregnant, had her husband murdered and then acted like nothing was wrong! Yes he should have known better after all he was the king. God cleared his record as if he had never sinned and he does the same for you and me!

Verses 8-13 > Some people who are a little skeptical about the free gift thing may say, “Ok we don’t have to work for it but surly we must be baptized, or have a confirmation certificate, or be a member of a church or…. But these verses say, “NO, NO, NO, NO” we are made right with God only by faith.

Verses 14-16 > Some could say, “Well I know I’m not made right with God by my working for it or being baptized or becoming a member of a church but don’t you think that obeying the laws of God like the 10 commandments has a little bit to do with our right standing with God?” NO. NO. NO. NO. Did I mention NO! Besides who could ever keep the commandments perfectly anyway? NO ONE! That sounds like too much work anyway. Oh how the human nature wants to do something so it can proudly declare, “See what I did!” God is adamant that there will be no boasting in heaven.

Verses 17-22 > Because of all the trying to earn it Paul will give an example of what real faith is all about. When Abraham was about 75 years old and his wife Sarah was about 65 God promised them a son. He promised that Abraham would be a Father of many nations. When he made the promise Abraham and Sarah had no children. Ten years later at age 85 and 75 they still had no children. The same at 95 and 85. But Abraham refuse to give up on the promise of God even though as far as producing children Abraham and Sarah had about as much chance of having a child as two dead people! You might say things didn’t look promising. But day after day and year after year Abraham believed God’s promise and when he was 100 and Sarah was 90, guess what? Yep God came through with his promise. Because of Abraham’s faith, the fact that he never gave up believing that God would come through. That is faith and God counted him righteous.

Verses 23-25 > God promises to us that if we believe that Jesus was handed over to die for us, because that is the penalty we deserved for our sins, and that Jesus was raised to life to make us right with God; at the moment that we believe this promise of God, all of our sins are forgiven, past, present and future!

John 3:16 (NLT) — 16 “For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.

Being made right with God is all by faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus did all the work. Jesus obeyed the Law of God perfectly and when we believe God gives to as a gift the perfect record of Jesus. Jesus passed the test and you and I get the ‘A’. Wow what a gift! Hold on to that promise and like Abraham never let go!

This was a great discovery right! Vesper also discovered that eating a slice of pizza and drinking orange juice with grandpa while sitting on the sidewalk at Casey’s was a really, really good time!

Be Inspired Hilltop!





  1. Mark Gundersen says

    Abraham was expected to live by faith in God. He left his home and father, waited for a child with Sara (mostly), and offered Issac on the alter. When acting on his own he did not do as well. Twice he had Sara say she was his sister out of fear and he has Ishmael out of wedlock with Sara’s maid. These actions led to trouble for his decedent’s for a long time. Even though he had failings he was still c outed fauthfil. We can expect the same If we just keep the faith.

    • Daniel Mueller says

      Good insight Dr. Mark. I pray all is going well for you in Blue Earth. We miss you!