June 22/Romans 6

In Chapters 1-5 we learned about Justification > being made right with God. In chapters 6-8 we are going to learn about Sanctification > the process of being made more like God in his holiness. As we live for the Lord Jesus our times of sinning will become less and less as we allow the Holy Spirit to change us. In Chapters 1-5 we learned that we were dead in sin. In Chapters 6-8 we will learn that we are dead to sin. In Chapters 1-5 we learned that we were freed from the penalty of sin and in Chapters 6-8 we will learn that we are free from the power of sin.

Verses 1-5 > Once we have believed in Jesus for the forgiveness of our sins we get baptized to show that we are followers of Jesus. Water baptism is a picture of our old sinful nature being buried as we go under the water just like Christ’s dead body with all of our sin attached to it was buried. When we come up out of the water it is as a new person who wants to live for Jesus; just like Jesus came out of the tomb with a new body.

That old person is dead. So when the temptation to sin  comes at us we remind ourselves that the old sinner is dead and being dead it can’t respond and give in to the temptation! Right believing leads to right behaving. We identify now with Christ is a new way of living. When Cleo and I got married we exchange rings. The rings identified us as having been united with each other and now we no longer lived for ourselves we had a new identity as being married not single. Baptism identifies us with Christ and we are united with him not to live for ourselves but for Christ.

Verses > 6–10 > When Christ took our sins to the grave and then rose again he broke sin’s power over us. The wages of sin is death but Christ rose and conquered that power. Because of what Christ did sin’s power over us was broken. We are not obligated to sin. In verse 6 he words “lose its power” mean to be paralyzed. Our old sinful nature has been paralyzed by the power of Christ. So when that voice cries out, “lose your temper, pop that pill, steal that candy bar, lie to your parents, do it no one will find out”; remember it is just a voice it has no power over you. It cannot force you to sin because Christ paralyzed it! How cool is that!

However if you keep messing with sin eventually it will get you and there may not be a away out. Every now and then we hear of lion tamers getting a little too trusting of the animals and they end of getting mauled.

Or that story about the Indian boy who in trying to become a man in Indian tradition is spending the night out doors in the winter on the top of this mountain. In the morning he sees this  poisonous snake barely able to move because of the cold.  The snake pleads with him to take him down the mountain where it is warmer. The boy says no because the snake will just bite him and he will die. The snake keeps pleading and pleading and finally the boy gives in and agrees to take him down the mountain. When they get to the bottom the boy sets the snake down and just as he turns to leave the snake bites him. The boy says, “Why did you do this, you promised you wouldn’t and now I am going to die.” The snake said, “You knew what I was when you picked me up.”

Sin, if you continue to mess with it will bite you. Be mature and don’t pick it up.

Verses 11-18 > I don’t think anybody likes to be enslaved. Everybody likes their freedom. Do you realize that you are a slave to what ever you obey. If you continue to obey the voice of your old sinful nature you have become a slave to a voice! But worse you have become a slave to sin. If you obey God you have become a slave to righteousness(becoming more sanctified),  which is where real freedom is > being able with the power of the Holy Spirit to say no to the voice! When faced with a temptation to sin I say to myself, “I am not giving in to a voice. I am saying yes to God and no to my sinful nature!”

Verses 18-23 > Paul is saying here, “Why would you want to continue in sin look what the results were.” We have broken hearts, guilty consciences, murder, rape, lying, stealing etc. because of sin. We have police, jails, and locks on our doors because of sin. The results of sin are terrible. Sin eventually will lead to bad times and if you die a sinner the future is hell. The results of becoming a slave to God is holiness > good stuff, God with you in tough times, and eternal life! Justification and Sanctification are what our world needs more of. We need to introduce people to Jesus!

Jesus has freed us from the penalty and the power of sin. Thank you, Jesus!

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  1. Mark Gundersen says

    Using a dog analogy sin is a pit bull, looking for a chance to bite you, and grace is a golden retriever, looking for a chance to love you. The stronger of these is the one you feed. If you do not feed sin it will get weaker but more desperate and if you feed grace you will be overwhelmed by love. Which do you want to feed?