August 1/2Corinthians 2

Why is it that summer seems to go faster than the rest of the year? Yikes it is already August! In our reading a lot of time has gone by since Paul gave the Corinthian Church the advice to cut off fellowship with the guy that was involved in sexual immorality until he repented of his sins and turned back to Jesus. The chapter for today is devoted to Paul telling the church to make sure they reinstate the man now that he has turned from his sin and turned back to Jesus.

Isn’t that something that as busy traveling and starting churches as Paul was that he would remember one guy back in the city of Corinth. But isn’t that the heart of Jesus always concerned for our well-being? No matter what the sin or circumstance Jesus loves and Jesus forgives and Jesus doesn’t hold a grudge and Jesus never uses our sin against us. It was painful for Jesus to deal with our sin and it was painful for Paul to deal with that person’s sin back in the first letter to the Corinthians.

Once Jesus dealt with our sin he welcomed us to have fellowship with him. Paul is encouraging the Church to welcome back this man into fellowship. Sometimes that can be more painful for us  than dealing with the sin. Think about a spouse who forgives his or her spouse for cheating with a best friend. Forgiving them is hard but having fellowship and intimacy again can be even harder. And then what about restoring a friendship again? These things are painful but they are the ways of Jesus.

If we don’t forgive and don’t at least make the attempt to restore fellowship (the other person may not want the fellowship) then Satan has an open door into our lives and he just loves to mess with us. He loves to give the Church and Christians a bad name. He loves the bad smell of sin!

Hilltop lets not let our aroma be pleasing to Satan. Let us be the aroma of a breath of fresh air that causes him to heave his guts out! As much as is up to us lets maintain healthy forgiving relationships no matter how painful it may initially be. In light of all the news lately that has to do with police shootings pitting white against blacks our world really could use a good whiff of the fragrance of Christ. Lets let it drift out from Hilltop!

2 Corinthians 2:15 (CEV) — 15 In fact, God thinks of us as a perfume that brings Christ to everyone.

Be Inspired Hilltop!


  1. Mark Gundersen says

    For those living in sin our presence can covict them of their failings but to the saved our presence brings communion. Paul also stressed that forgiveness is also important in our walk. Therefore you are not dressed unless you have the fragrance of Jesus on.