July 11/1Corinthians 3

Verses 1-8 > We who are parents or have been parents have probably said to our kids, “If you are going to act like a baby then I am going to treat you like a baby.” This is basically what Paul is saying to the Corinthian Church. They were acting like kids > bouts of jealousy, quarreling, and they had their own hero’s just like kids. He couldn’t talk to them about maturity until he could stop the in fighting. So he had to start over talking about faith in Jesus because they were acting like people outside of the church who lived as if Jesus didn’t exist. They had forgotten that God was the center of the universe and not them. They had forgotten that in God they lived and moved and existed. They had put people and their own desires above God.

If God doesn’t give us air to breath we die. So because of this why would we want to use this air to quarrel, hold grudges, try to get our own way, treat others as less important than ourselves. Shouldn’t we rather honor God with the air he gives? If God didn’t give us abilities we wouldn’t have abilities. Shouldn’t we honor God with those abilities? There isn’t anything that we have that is good that doesn’t come from the hand of God. He gives us the ability to earn wealth. Shouldn’t we honor God with our bodies and our wealth? The intelligence and wisdom that we have all come from God. Shouldn’t we honor God with our minds. Children don’t know these things but us adults do so shouldn’t we be acting better than ignorant children? Children haven’t developed the fruit of self-control but we as Adults should be developing it. We should be able to resist most of the time the urges of our sinful nature. I’m sure Paul wanted to develop the fruit of the Holy Spirit in them but he couldn’t because they were children at heart. Children are all about themselves but adults should be more Jesus and about others.

When the people of the city of Corinth looked at the people in the Church of Corinth they didn’t see much difference in the behavior. My dear people of Hilltop. When the people of Fergus, Elbow, Henning, Underwood, Rothsay, and Pelican look at the people of Hilltop do they see a noticeable difference in our behavior? They should because:

Verse 9-18 > we are God’s field. In other words God has planted his word in our hearts, his Spirit in our spirit so the harvest should be much different than others that don’t know him. Unless of course we didn’t really receive what God planted. What ever you are allowing to be planted in your heart will come out in your behavior.

We are God’s building. Together we make up a place where God should be able to come and enjoy himself. Each part of a building gets along. The wood doesn’t shun the sheet rock or make fun of the electrical wires or ignore the plumbing. If that happened the building would fall apart. No the whole building fits together, gets along and everything works well. In the church in Corinth people weren’t getting along and they we in danger of imploding. Together they hadn’t made a place where God felt welcome let alone enjoy himself. Paul brings the people back to the foundation he laid for them which was Jesus Christ. They hadn’t done a good job building on that foundation. They were building their own little cliques, they thought grace was a license to keep sinning, and they were bragging about their favorite preachers. They were in a sense building paper mache walls and as soon as their sinful nature desired something these walls caved into it because they didn’t have the strength to resist.

Verse 17 > God will not tolerate jealousy, quarreling, and divisiveness in his building. So why should we? These are not good building materials. Can’t we say to our sinful nature, “I will not tolerate you!”  Will we?

Verses 22-23 > Paul sums up this chapter by saying, “Everything belongs to you.” In other words you have Christian Freedom; you are free to act or build like children. However he also says, “You belong to Christ.” Which means you have Christian Responsibility to act or build like adults. And “Christ belongs to God.” Which means you have Christian Allegiance. You bow to God who is your superior instead of your sinful nature.

So the next time we hear or say, ‘If you want to act like a baby I will treat you like a baby’ lets check and see how we are doing with our Christianity. Well let’s not wait let’s check now!

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  1. Mark Gundersen says

    Paul promises that the foundation he laid was stone not shifting sand. This means a good base but what will you build on that foundation? Straw, wood or more solid stone. Straw is light and easy to handle but a light breeze will blow it down. Wood is heavier but a small spark or larger breeze will bring it down. Stone is heavy. You will have to work hard to build with it but the resulting building will stand the test of time. We are promised that our building will be tested first by the world then by God. Do you want to build something that will stand up to the trials of this world and the rightous building inspector God?