July 15/1Corinthians 7

Paul is answering questions that the Corinthian Church had asked him about marriage. You can discern from his answers that they had questions about divorce, about whether it was more spiritual to be married or single, an obligations of husband and wife in the sexual aspect. This chapter is not a complete dissertation on marriage we must also read all of the scriptures on marriage to understand marriage. Paul gives great wisdom in this chapter on marriage and singleness.

Verses 1-2 > Marriage is God’s protection from sexual immorality.

Verses 3-5 > The two become one in marriage. We share each other’s bodies equally. As kids our parents taught us about sharing; little did we know that it had more to do with than a bicycle:)

Verses 6-11 > Some have the gift of singleness and some have the gift of marriage. Paul had the gift of singleness. Both are gifts from the Lord. One is not better than the other. If you are married by all means stay married. There could have been some false teachings telling people it is better to be married to the Lord so maybe some were considering leaving their mates. If you can handle singleness fine, if you can’t get married. He will give guidelines for this later in this chapter.

Verses 12-16 > If one is a believer and the other is not stay in the marriage unless the unbeliever insists that you go. You staying and praying could be the influence to bring the unbeliever to Christ. Perhaps what happened here is one spouse heard the message of Christ and got saved and the other hadn’t received the message. I don’t think it was a case of a believer marrying a non-believer because that is not scriptural. We are not to be unequally yoked.

Verse 17 > Whatever your calling in life stay with it until God leads you otherwise. If you are a carpenter keep building until you know that God has something else for you. I remained a welder until God called me to go off to Bible School.

Verses 18-24 > If you are Jew and get saved be a believing Jew. If you are Gentile and get saved be a believing Gentile. Slaves that got saved should stay with their masters unless there was a possibility of legal freedom. Salvation changed our inward circumstances but not always our outward circumstances. God needs Christians welders, politicians, home makers etc. God paid a high price for us and he will take care of us.

Verses 25-28 > In light of some crisis going on (perhaps persecution, I don’t know) Paul says if you are married stay married and if you are single don’t look to get married at this time. Marriage has its own set of challenges so be sure to get good counsel before making the decision. If you are in a difficult marriage also seek out good godly counsel.

Verse 29 > Some have used marriages as an excuse for not getting involved in the church, or witnessing to the unsaved, or going on a short term mission. They get caught up with getting comfortable, buying better houses, paying bills,  raising kids and having them involved in everything. They always seem to have an excuse like, “Once we get out of debt pastor we will be more involved, or once the kids leave home, or once we have put enough away for retirement, the excuses never end.

Verse 30 -31 > Some people in their marriages  get caught up in their own little emotional world that they can’t see to help someone else. Others get caught up in filling their houses and garages with stuff that takes so much time to maintain and tinker with that they have no time for anyone else. Some times marriage with all the things attached to it can take our focus off our mission to be fishers for people.

Verses 32-35 > As a single guy I had more time to read my bible, pray, and focus on the my living for the Lord. But when a person gets married their is less time for theses things. This is as it should be because one has a commitment in marriage. There are more distraction than when I was single. However when I became pastor I got the time back to study and pray:)

Verses 36-38 > It is ok to remain single. It is ok to get married. One is not better than the other. Get the mind of the Lord on the matter.

Verses 39-40 > Marriage is until death do us part. Death frees the living spouse to remarry. If the spouse remarried it should only be to another believer one who loves the Lord. Paul believed that staying single would be better because more time could be devoted to serving the Lord.

Here are five good questions for those contemplating marriage:

1. What is my gift from God(being single or being married)?
2. Am I marrying a believer?
3. Are the circumstances such that marriage is right?
4. How will marriage affect my service for Christ?
5. Am I prepared to enter into this union for life?
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  1. Mark Gundersen says

    During the time this was written arranged marriages were common and therefore getting unequally yoked was possible and therefore the believing spouse should be a light to lead the unbelieving spouse to Jesus. They should stay together so the children are brought up in a be living atmosphere. Also singleness is discussed and that it is a good state only if passions are controlled and directed towards God. The gist of the message is to be in the state that allows you to do your best for God and not give in to temptation. In marriage you have 2 working together with God as the third strand