July 8/1Corinthians 2

Usually at this time of year in Fergus Falls there is a sound going on all over the city. It is the sound of the lawn mowers. But the lack of rain has silenced the mowers!

When it comes to being a witness many Christians have silenced their voices because they are unsure of what to say. Paul in this chapter tells us what the Christian message is > Jesus Christ and the fact that he was crucified for our sins. Paul is saying, “Don’t be silent just talk about Jesus because that is the power of God that will save people!

Verses 1-5 > When Paul was in Athens > Acts 17, he didn’t come out and mention Jesus Christ crucified. He alluded to the resurrection but didn’t specifically say that Jesus Christ had died for their sins and rose from the dead. It seemed like he was trying to relate to them by being philosophical and consequently he left without a church being established there. When he came to Corinth his message was all about Jesus and him crucified; and wow a church was established!

Verses 6-8 > By talking Jesus and him crucified for our sins it will eventually defeat the devil and his minions who have a strong hold on people today. If Satan would have known that the cross would be his defeat he would have tried to stop it from happening but he didn’t. And the message of the cross defeats him today. Do not be silent!

Verses 9-14 > Keep talking about Jesus and the fact that he died for our sins and rose again to prove that he is God and let the Holy Spirit use it to work on the hearts of people. We might be quite amazed at what will happen!

Verse 14 > The natural man goes to Food 4 Less and buys all-natural salad dressing and naturally grown tomatoes. When a lady pushes her way in front of him in the checkout line, it’s only natural that he gets upset. After ringing up his groceries, the checker accidentally gives him too much change. He keeps it, naturally. Then he comes home and does what comes naturally: He eats, drinks, and is somewhat merry—until the emptiness in his soul drives him to look for something else. So he comes to a Bible study. He hears the Word being taught, the Scriptures being discussed, but they are foolishness to him because, as a natural man, he is spiritually blind.

The idea that man is a free moral agent is somewhat of a misconception. Paul told Timothy that men are taken captive by the Enemy against their wills, as they are blinded and bound by Satan (2 Timothy 2:26). That is why when the natural man hears the Word, it’s foolishness to him.
Much of our witnessing is ineffective because we fail to pray, “Lord, please remove the blindfold Satan has put on this person’s eyes. Otherwise, he won’t see the real issues. Please open his ears. Otherwise, He won’t hear Your voice.”
Courson, J. (2003). Jon Courson’s Application Commentary (pp. 1017–1018). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson.
Verse 15 > All things means a persons life before Christ and after Christ. The Christian has lived in both worlds so he can speak, because of experience, of what goes on in a holy and unholy world. He can speak of the effects of living apart from God. He can also speak of life with God, what it is to experience grace, holiness, the forgiveness of sins, justification, redemption etc. The unspiritual man cannot speak of life with God. The Christian can evaluate the non Christian lifestyle but the non Christian can’t evaluate the Christian lifestyle because he doesn’t understand the life of faith. He can’t understand why we pray, study the bible and get together to worship God and why we talk about Jesus. To the unspiritual person we Christians are puzzle and enigma.
Verse 16 > We have the scriptures so we have the mind of Christ. What is on his mind has been written down for us!
The lack of rain may have silenced our lawn mowers but don’t let it silence your voice for Jesus and him crucified and raised from the dead. Let that message rain down on people and see how the Holy Spirit will use it.
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  1. “Do not be silent.”

  2. Mark Gundersen says

    In this chapter Paul says start simple, milk, with new believers. Christ died for you and by believing in him you will be saved. This is the simple truth of the gospel. Once a believer has grown they can handle more complicated issues, meat, like turning the other cheek and responding to acts of evil with acts of kindness. If you started with these teachings, that sound foolish to the natural mind, you would not win people to Christ. That is why there are seeker friendly church’s that can provide the first step but will not feed the more mature believer. So if you long for God’s deeper truths that is good because you are maturing.