August 23/Galatians 5

Pastor Jeremy preached an excellent sermon on this chapter this past Sunday. Here is and excerpt explaining the fruit of the Spirit and the counterfeit of that fruit along with the Greek word. The counterfeits were very eye opening for me. In the area of peace I find myself thinking I’m peaceful but only to realize I just didn’t care. I was apathetic.

1. Agape = love. It means to serve a person for their good and intrinsic value, not for what the person brings you. Its opposite is fear: self-protection and abusing people. Its counterfeit (a fake version) is selfish affection, where you are attracted to someone and treat them well because of how they make you feel about yourself.
2. Chara = joy, a delight in God for the sheer beauty and worth of who He is. Its opposite is hopelessness or despair, and its counterfeit is an elation that is based on experiencing blessings, not the Blesser, causing mood swings based on circumstances.
3. Irene = peace, meaning a confidence and rest in the wisdom and control of God, rather than in your own. It replaces anxiety and worry. The fake version of peace is indifference, apathy, not caring about something.
4. Makrothumia = patience, an ability to face trouble without blowing up or hitting out. Its opposite is resentment toward God and others, and its counterfeits are cynicism or lack of care: This is too small to care about.
5. Chrestotes = kindness, which is an ability to serve others practically in a way which makes me vulnerable, which comes from having a deep inner security. Its opposite is envy, which leaves me unable to rejoice in another’s joy. And its fake alternative is manipulative good deeds, doing good for others so I can congratulate myself and feel I am “good enough” for others or for God.
6. Agathosune = goodness, integrity; being the same person in every situation, rather than a phony or a hypocrite. This is not the same as being always truthful but not always loving; getting things off your chest just to make yourself feel or look better.
7. Pistis = faithfulness, loyalty, courage, to be utterly reliable and true to your word. Its opposite is to be an opportunist, a friend only in good times. And its counterfeit is to be loving but not truthful, so that you are never willing to confront or challenge.
8. Prautas = gentleness, humility, self-forgetfulness. The opposite is to be superior or self-absorbed. Humility is not the same as inferiority.
9. Egkrateia = self-control, the ability to pursue the important over the urgent, rather than to be always impulsive or uncontrolled. The slightly surprising counterfeit is a willpower which is based on pride, the need to feel in control.

Timothy Keller has some real good advice on how to grow the fruit of the Holy Spirit. “We must worship Christ, with the help of the Holy Spirit, adoring Him until our hearts find Him more beautiful than the object we felt we had to have. As we do that, we will put to death our old sinful nature, clearing room for the fruit of the Spirit to grow; and we will find that fruit growing, changing us more and more into the people we long to be, and God desires us to be.”

I might add to this: Let God’s word find a home in your heart. Meditate on it and begin to obey what you know to do, not out of obligation but out of love for the Lord. Cultivate your fellowship with the Holy Spirit.
Also listen to Pastor Jeremy’s closing remarks to his sermon.
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  1. Mark Gundersen says

    Paul continues to stress that you can live by faith or by all of the law. One leads to salvation while the other leads to defeat. The law leads to a spirit of judging others and pride while the other leads to the fruit of the spirit. I myself would like to leave the rat race of legalism.