August 26/Ephesians 2

Verse 1 > We were dead spiritually. Our bodies were in control. We were living as the gods of our own universe. We cannot give life. Only God can give life. That is why all the counseling and behavior modification and rehabilitation that the world has to offer doesn’t work. Man needs a heart change, he needs to be born again by the Spirit of Jesus. Only then will there be real change.
Verse 2-3 >Where ever the wind blew that is where we went. The windbag doing the blowing was the devil. He will always blow you in a direction away from God. Whatever is outside of the will of God that is where the devil would have us. The spirit of the devil can only bring death. The Spirit of God brings life. The devil only has power over those who don’t obey God. Disobedience opens the door of our heart to the enemy. When you leave the door of your house open any stray dog, cat, or mouse can come in!

Verse 4 > When we were at our worst God loved us! Mercy is not giving us what we deserve. Grace is giving us what we don’t deserve. Oh what a wonderful Father we have!

Verse 5 > Without God’s love we never would have been drawn to Christ. God changes my heart, he regenerates me and grants me the faith to believe in Jesus. It is his grace that does all this. When I have been regenerated and granted faith I want to run to him. This is him drawing me to himself. This is him choosing me and I say yes. Our salvation is solely the work of God. Our wills are held captive by the our flesh the sinful nature. We do not have the will to come to God on our own. He must do this life changing work in me. We owe God everything. Grace enables us to be all that God designed us to be and to do all that he planned for us to do.

Verse 6 > We are released from the grip of Satan. That grip that would always hold us down so we couldn’t live for the Lord. When we believed in Christ as our Savior, God loosened Satan’s grip on us so we get up and live. We now are above living for Satan. We sit above him in a place of power. Jesus cut the strings that used to attach us to Satan and now we can fly(live) like Jesus meant us to live. We are seated with Christ. He gives us power to defeat Satan and remain free from his grip on us.

1 John 3:8 NLT But when people keep on sinning, it shows that they belong to the devil, who has been sinning since the beginning. But the Son of God came to destroy the works of the devil.

Because we have been united with Christ we are seated with him in the heavenlies.  We live here physically but spiritually we carry with us the power of Jesus. We can do the works of Jesus and we can overcome the evil one like Jesus did.
Example: When the president leaves the oval office he isn’t seated  physically in his chair but he still commands the power that goes along with being in that chair.

Verse 7 > If anyone is wondering how loving and kind God is, he can point to us as an example of what he has done in us and what he will do in the inquiring person.

Verse 8 > Believed = faith. Faith is active trust displayed through obedience to God. Noah showed faith in God and  God’s word that a flood was coming, he built the ark. God’s grace enables us to obey!

Verse 9 > There will be no boasting in heaven. The very faith that we have to believe in God comes from God himself. We couldn’t believe on our own becasue we were dead in our sins. Remember salvation is a gift. Gifts are not earned. It is like a birthday gift. Who earns a birthday gift? No one had control over their birth.

Verse 10 > A portrait can’t boast about how great it looks because it was created  by the artist. God is the artist that saved us and made us into what we are. We have nothing to boast about .
Masterpiece or workmanship is from a Greek word that we get our word ‘poem’. With out Christ our lives had no rhyme or reason or purpose. With Christ we have purpose, symmetry, and direction. Instead of a poem with disjounted sentences, our lives are now arranged, they rhyme, and they make sense.

Planned = God went ahead of us to prepare the way for us to do good things. Oriental people would go ahead of their king to remove the rocks and level the road so the king could travel with ease and in comfort. We are such a treasure to God that he leads us out like kings! Talk about Grace and Mercy!
Philippians 4:13 (NLT) — 13 For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.
Verse 11 > We are usually concerned about making changes to our bodies, lose weight, get in shape, cosmetic surgery, tatoos, clothes etc. God is concerned about changing our hearts. Oh that we would be more concerned about the condition of our hearts  than our bodies. If we spent as much time on spiritual health as we do on bodily health we would change our world. Humility would replace pride. We would be a pretty special people to be around.
Verse 12 > Apart from Christ means no God and no hope. Never forget what life was like before Christ. No hope, no future, no peace. You were in trouble. Aah but no more, we have Jesus!
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  1. Mark Gundersen says

    Starting in verse 11 Paul discusses how the gentiles were separated from God but through the cross both Jews and gentiles have access to God. The law created a separation that divided people as circumcised and uncircumcised.The cross divides the earthly man , under the law or separated from the law, from the Spiritual man who is under grace. We are now one people under Jesus and under God through the cross and the work of the Holy Spitit.