August 5/2Corinthians 6

Verse 1 > the gift of God’s kindness to us is Jesus Christ. Paul said in the last verse of chapter 5 that Jesus died in our place on the cross and passed on to us his righteousness! What a great deal for us > we sinned and Jesus got punished. Jesus got our death and we got his life! Paul said not to ignore this wonderful gift of grace. You see some people are just satisfied with having their sins forgiven. They don’t want to grow to be mature Christians. They don’t take the time to study God’s word or ponder it. They have way more fellowship with their cell phones than they do with the Holy Spirit if they have any fellowship with him at all! Taking up their cross and following Jesus just isn’t attractive to them. They will let anything and everything interrupt their going to Sunday morning worship. They hardly ever think about whether or not they are making Jesus famous in a good way. So Paul says in verse 2:

Verse 2 > Hey when you called on God for salvation he answered you. When you needed him he was there for you. So the question is are you there for God?

Paul devoted the rest of the chapter to what it means to be there for God by using his own life as an example.

Verse 3 > live in such a way that you don’t give the Lord a bad name or a undesirable reputation.

Verses 4-5 > endure hardship and opposition patiently trusting the Lord without giving up.

Verses 6-9 > by the power of the Holy Spirit develop your Christian Character in all things. Let the fruit of the Holy Sprit mature in you. Which fruit are you developing at this time in your life?

Verses 10-13 > give, give, give regardless of what you might or might not receive. Give!

Verses 14-17 > Do you have more influence on the unbelievers around you or do they have more influence on you? Are you any different then they are in your actions, speech, music, literature, movies, tv shows, internet surfing, dating, spending money? What is the biggest difference between you and an unbeliever. We have to hang out with unbelievers other wise they wouldn’t hear the gospel but who is influencing who or is it whom? Remember we are supposed to be there for Jesus. He isn’t here in the flesh anymore; we are and we represent him! What an honor.

Amos 3:3 (NLT) — 3 Can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction?

The answer to the above question is NO. How can you date an unbeliever when your direction is toward Jesus and theirs isn’t? How can you marry and unbeliever when your directions are opposite? How can you get in business with an unbeliever when you seek to honor the Lord with the business? We must be careful in our relationships because of the direction we are walking.

Paul says that we are the temple of God. We are his dwelling place. We are an expression of Him. This means that we cannot mix the profane and the sacred. Examples: If I am a doctor can I disregard the sanctity of human life? If I am a publisher can I distribute profane material? If I am an athlete can I bend the rules? If I am a car salesman do I have to disclose everything I know about the condition of the car? The answer to all these question is a resounding YES! We are temples and we must not profane the temple.

Verse 18 > Hilltop our Father is always there for us. Lets be there for him!

Be Inspired Hilltop!



  1. Mark Gundersen says

    Throughout the bible there are examples of things that should not be yoked together. Oxen and donkeys are different in how they pull and cannot pull together. Belivers and unbelievers have different priorities and will direct the relationship in two different directions. This in being unequally yoked. That is different from being yoked to Jesus and learning from his leading. In Corintians 1 Paul discssed that believers should not feast in the temple of Athenia then celebrate communion. We are to be holy because God is holy.