September 12/Colossians 3

Verse 1 > Live like they live in heaven in total submission to the Lord. That is reality. With the help of the Holy Spirit Christ is the one to imitate. He always honored the Father by the way the lived life.

Verse 2 > Look at things from Christ’s perspective. Look at what Christ said in Matthew chapters 5-7 “You have heard it said, but I say…”  We need to think Christianly; thinking like a Christian.

Trying to find happiness in the things of this world is like trying to hold the wind in your hand: “it ain’t gonna happen”. I am happy to know Jesus and to know my future with him is secure.
Verse 3-4 > for you died to this life means that what you used to do before you received Jesus just doesn’t make you come alive anymore. Some people come alive when they talk about cooking or baking, for others its sports and working out, for some its cars, motorcycles and movies. For others it is the latest in computers and cell phones. When it comes to knowing Jesus and living for him there is a life there that other things just can’t offer. I come alive when I can share my testimony with someone, or discuss verses of scripture with friends. I come alive when I enter into worship on a Sunday morning with other Christians. Before Christ there was no life for me in these things but since Jesus that has all changed.
Verse 5 > I put these things to death when I don’t get involved with them. When I get involved it is like breathing new life into them. I don’t want to do that. My motivation and strength to not get involved comes from Christ.
Verses 6-10 > Today is the best day to get rid of sin through the grace of our Lord Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit who lives within.
Verse 11 > What really matters in this life? The Answer > living for Jesus. Really nothing else matters! The only thing you take with you when you die is your character. I want to be the character who lived his life for Jesus.
Verses 12-14 > In case you were wondering how to live your life for Jesus, Paul gave us these three verses. Today NFL football players will put on their team uniforms and then play the game of football. The Christian uniform is unconditional love. Put it on and go out into life and play!
Verses 15-17 > Peace, wisdom and song grow in the soil of thankfulness!
Verses 18-23 > Fitting in verse 18 = proper, to reach up to. It is the proper thing for a wife to submit to her husband. This happens out of her love for Jesus. The same goes for husbands, children, and slaves or employees and employers. We continually, with the help of the Holy Spirit, reach up to the bar set for us by Jesus. Doesn’t wanting to improve your relationships make you come alive! The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are all about relationship and this is birthed within us when we receive Jesus into our lives. Living for Jesus brings the life of heaven into our earthly lives!
Fill up with the Word of God and the Holy Spirit and you will live a full and fulfilling life!
Be Inspired Hilltop!


  1. Mark Gundersen says

    I like the promise in the last verse. God has no favorites. That means he love me no more or less than David or Moses or Paul. You are not picked last for the team.