September 30/1 Timothy 5

Paul ended chapter 4 by saying that we should pay attention to what we do and say because it reflects on the testimony of our salvation. It reflects on our Lord Jesus Christ. He talks about doing and saying when it comes to relationships in Chapter 5.

Relationships will make or break the Church. Our first relationship is to be with God and that relationship should influence all of our other relationships. Generally if we have a good relationship with God > Father, Son, and Holy Spirit we will develop good relationships with those around us. Good relationships will strengthen the witness of the Church in our community. People will a lot of times judge a church by what they know of the people that go there. I guess that only makes sense. What kind of a reputation are we giving Hilltop? Would someone be inclined to come to Hilltop because they have seen us in relationship outside of the walls of the Church?

Verses 1-4 > talk to and treat all people with respect, honor and dignity. Do not use someone for your own gain or pleasure. The goal is to please the Lord in all things. What better way to please Jesus than to treat his brothers and sisters decently?

Verses 5-10 > true widows are identified and if they have family the family should take care of them and not put the burden on the church. The welfare roles might be less if we all cared for our own. Paul never talked about the us relying on the government to take of us.

Verses 11-16 > If you are able to work then work you must. Too much free time causes people to get into trouble. With all the shootings, bombings, protesting and drug use now days you have to wonder > don’t these people have anything else to do? Get a job, work, put your brain and hands to good use!

Verses 17-18 > People should be paid well for the good work that they do.

Verse 19 > get all the facts and get your facts straight!

Verse 20 > the purpose for discipline is for restoration not revenge.

Verses 21-22 > don’t play favorites and don’t let it skew your thinking. They might be a friend but they might not be qualified. Take your time in choosing your leadership. You don’t want to be promoting any secret sins that they might have.

Verse 23 > the emphasis is on the health not the wine.

Verses 24-25 > You might be able to fool some people but you can’t fool God. He sees all. He will reward us according to what we have done. So smile and keep living for Him!

Romans 2:6 (NLT) — 6 He will judge everyone according to what they have done.

Yea the fairest judge in all of the world!

Be Inspired Hilltop!





  1. Mark Gundersen says

    Paul has spoken about relationships in several of his letters. We are told to treat others as we would want to be treated and he confirmed the 5th commandment from God to honor our parents. God is looking at how we treat others to determine how He treats us. Our job is to follow these recommendations.