September 6/Philippians 3

Verse 1 > When you are satisfied with Jesus and absolutely thrilled with him your faith will remain solid secure and firm. Don’t let yourself get discouraged because things aren’t going your way. Remind yourself of what Christ did for you on the cross. Burn that image in your mind. He was so mutilated he hardly looked like a human being. Be filled with joy because that should have been you!

Psalm 92:4 (NLT) — 4 You thrill me, Lord, with all you have done for me! I sing for joy because of what you have done.

Verses 2-7 > We just covered this in our preaching on Galatians. Paul is saying, “What I thought was a gain was actually a loss. My good works had no more value than a cut off piece of foreskin when it came to the salvation of my soul. Only faith in Christ saves.

Verse 8 > Who spends their day fantasizing about garbage or manure? That is what we are doing if we are counting on our good works to get us into heaven!

Actor Lee Marvin, “Ah, stardom! They put your name on a star in the sidewalk on Hollywood Boulevard and you walk down and find a pile of dog manure on it. That tells the whole story, baby.”

Verses 9-11 > You begin to know the Lord and his suffering when you go through tough times maintaining your faith and your joy. Now you are experiencing God’s resurrection power. You just came through a tough time spiritually alive and well!

Verses 12-17 > I am focusing on being like Christ. Growing up and being mature. To do this I can’t relive the past. I can’t let my past get me down. I can’t let my past dictate my future. The goal line is before me > being like Christ. This is what I look to. I will not let anything else side track me. If I blow it I acknowledge it and thank God that I am forgiven and I move on to a new day!

Proverbs 24:16 (NLT) — 16 The godly may trip seven times, but they will get up again. But one disaster is enough to overthrow the wicked.

Verses 18-19 > Your lips and your life need to tell the same story otherwise you don’t have much of a testimony.

Verses 20-21 > Don’t envy people who are not born again. They are headed for destruction and we are headed for heaven. So what is there to envy about them?

Be Inspired Hilltop!



  1. Mark Gundersen says

    We are promised 2 prizes for remaining faithful to Jesus in this chapter. The first is being with Jesus for eternity and the second is a new heavenly body without the aches and pains of our earthly bodies

  2. Mary Anne Frank says

    The thing I love about the Special Olympics is that every person who crosses the finish line is celebrated! That is our gift from God….. No matter what we have done, what we look like, how much money we have, what we’ve accomplished in this world, how many friends we have, etc., etc…….if we have run (or have only been able to walk or been carried or pushed in a wheelchair) the race and have kept our eyes on the goal (Jesus), then when we cross the finish line the “gold”is in Jesus’ hand waiting to be hung around our neck and we get to stand on the platform and be celebrated by the One who says “Well done”. Such a love…..