September 8/Colossians 1

Verses 1-8 > Paul hadn’t been to Colosse but he heard about the people in the Church there from Epaphras. So what did Epaphras tell Paul about the Christians? He said they were people of faith in God. Epaphras must have seen God do some cool things through the Christians there. Remember Jesus was always saying things like, “Your faith has healed you, your faith has saved you , and be it unto you according to your faith.” In Acts 3 when the cripple was healed Peter and John said that, “faith in the name of Jesus has healed this man.” When believers come together and actually believe that God is going to do great things, great things happen. People get saved, healed, delivered, helped and grow in their spiritual maturity. Great things must have been happening in Colosse!

Epaphras said that they had a love for all of God’s people. They were using the love that the Holy Spirit placed in their hearts when they received Jesus. The more they used it the more it grew. Use it or lose it, right? People must have felt accepted and secure around the Christians in Colosse. They must have sensed that they had the freedom to make mistakes without being put down, put out, and condemned.

When you go to see the doctor the nurse always asks if you feel safe at home. Where there is love there is a feeling of safety. My guess is people felt safe around the Christians at Colosse. Perfect love casts out fear.

A couple of weeks ago a person came to Hilltop and afterwards I asked how they happened to come here. They had come to our clothing giveaway and had asked someone if Hilltop was racist. The person said no that everyone was welcome. Why do you ask? And the person said, “Well because of the color of my skin I and my family haven’t always been accepted in some churches.” I said, “What did you sense this morning as you worshiped?” The answer was, “I felt welcome!” The person and family has been here ever since. Way to go Hilltop!

Epaphras said that the people had a confident hope that God had prepared a place for them in heaven. When your future is secure you can face the present with boldness. I am sure that that confident hope drew people to the Colosse Christians. People will be drawn to you as you let your confidence in Jesus show through in your everyday life. No matter what comes down the interstate of life you are confident in Jesus to bring you through> see Psalm 23.

I believe that a healthy Church is one that has these three characteristics that Epaphras picked up on: Faith, Love, and Hope. I pray that when people talk of Hilltop it is about our faith, love and hope. Ask the Holy Spirit to draw out and bring to maturity these characteristics in you. It shouldn’t be too hard for him to do because according to verse 27 Christ lives in you! Now that should cause you to:

Be Inspired Hilltop!



  1. Mark Gundersen says

    Today we learn the Christ is supreme over everything but also humble enough to live and die and live again for us. He is the beginning and the end and yet he loves every one of us.