September 9/Colossians 2

Verses 1-2 > Christ is in you and he is not at odds with himself and he is not at odds with the Father and the Holy Spirit so don’t be at odds with each other. If you want to improve on your relationships keep reminding yourself that Christ is in you and Christ wasn’t rude, proud, or irritable instead he was patient, kind, and humble.

Verse 3 > One day, newspaper magnate, William Randolph Hearst was looking through a book of famous artwork when a painting caught his eye. “I want this painting for my collection,” he said to his aides. But after making some inquiries, they reported that they were unable to locate the particular work.
“If you value your jobs,” Hearst said, “do whatever it takes to find that treasure, and secure it for me immediately.”
Three and a half months later, the aides returned to Hearst. “Did you find the treasure?” he asked.
“Yes,” they replied. “After much searching and painstaking research, we found it.”
“Did you purchase it?” he asked.
“Why not?” Hearst asked.
“Because we found it in your warehouse.”

When you got Jesus you got it all. Ask him for what you need. Now you know why he said:

Matthew 7:7–8 (NLT) — 7 “Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you. 8 For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened.

Verses 4-5 > The story is told that in the days of the Roman Empire, a certain wealthy senator became estranged from his son. When he died unexpectedly, his will was opened. “Because my son does not appreciate what I’ve done, I leave all of my worldly possessions to my loyal slave, Marcellus,” the will read. “However, because I am a man of grace, I bequeath to my son one of my possessions of his choosing.”
  “Sorry,” said the testator to the son. “You can only take one of your dad’s possessions. Which will it be?”
  “I take Marcellus,” said the son.

Brilliant! That’s the idea. When you take Jesus Christ, you get all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. When you open your heart to Him, you find everything you need. It’s all in Him. Why is this understanding so important? Because it is the only way to keep from being sucked into “enticing words,” cults, and other dead-end pursuits of pseudo-spirituality. That’s what was happening in Colosse. People were coming on the scene, saying, “What Paul is preaching is fine, but there’s much more.”
“No,” Paul says. “Be steadfast in your faith in Christ. All of the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden in Him.”
Courson, J. (2003). Jon Courson’s Application Commentary (p. 1314). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson.
Verse 6 > You accepted Jesus by faith now live for him by faith. You accepted him with all of your heart now live for him with all of your heart.
Verse 7 > How do we let the roots of our lives grow down into Jesus? Jesus has the answer:
Matthew 7:24–27 (NLT) — 24 “Anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise, like a person who builds a house on solid rock. 25 Though the rain comes in torrents and the floodwaters rise and the winds beat against that house, it won’t collapse because it is built on bedrock. 26 But anyone who hears my teaching and doesn’t obey it is foolish, like a person who builds a house on sand. 27 When the rains and floods come and the winds beat against that house, it will collapse with a mighty crash.”

If our lives are rooted in the Word of God nothing and no body will be able to uproot us!

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  1. Mark Gundersen says

    In the start of this chapter we find that this letter went to both Colosse and Laodocea. The only other time we hear of that church is in Revelation where it gets the description of being lukewarm and therefore detestable. Being lukewarm was also noted in this chapter where the church at Colosse took some of Jesus and some of the law and some of false teachings and thought they were following God. God wants everything or nothing not wishy-washy devotion.