October 10/Titus 1

Paul left Titus on the Island of Crete, in the Mediterranean Sea, to minister to a difficult people. Crete was steeped in Greek mythology. Zeus was supposedly born on Crete’s Mount Ida.

Verse 1 > Paul wanted to strengthen the faith of the people and have their lives model the life of the Lord Jesus. Receiving the truth has the effect of producing godly lives. Truth received gives birth to truthful living. You harvest what you plant.

Verse 2 > Eternal life with Jesus begins the day you receive him into your life and allow Him to be the Lord of your life. You now experience life with Jesus. A bit of heaven on earth. The farther you get away from the Lord the more like hell your life will be. Obey the word of the Lord and have heaven close by.

Jesus said that to know the Father in your heart is eternal life. You now have the heavenly Father of eternity working on your behalf. We don’t need much self confidence or self esteem. The bible says not to put confidence in the flesh.(Jer 17:7; Phil 3:3) Our confidence is to be in a God who cannot lie. He always tells the truth. If we obey the word of God we will have all the confidence we need. Truth gives us confidence. Faith comes by hearing the word of God and believing it.
Verse 3 > The right time to receive the message of Jesus is when you hear it and are drawn to it. You don’t know how many chances you will get and you don’t know how many hours you have left to live. Don’t forfeit an eternity with Jesus by hesitating to receive him as Savior and Lord.
All of us who have received Jesus as our Lord and Savior are entrusted to tell others the same message that Jesus saves. Jesus forgives and washes away our sins. Jesus is the only way to heaven. Like Paul let the word of God command you then quickly obey it.

Verse 4 > The Holy Spirit remains true to His calling. Jesus said that when the Holy Spirit came He would not speak of himself. He would point people to Jesus. Here the Holy Spirit influences Paul to talk about the Father and Jesus. If we are truly filled with the Holy Spirit we will not draw attention to ourselves but to Jesus.

Titus was a true son because he remained faithful to the teachings of Jesus. His life was one that was lived for the Lord.

Verses 5-9 > He must live in a way where people aren’t pointing fingers at him and his wife and children love him and feel safe around him.  Where their first thoughts about him aren’t on something negative.
Verse 10 > When we insist on anything else for salvation other than the work that Jesus did on the cross we are saying to Jesus that what he did wasn’t good enough. The idea is that we can help him out.  Wow can you imagine telling God he isn’t good enough?
Verse 11 > If money was only given to those ministries who spoke the truth; how many ministries would still be able to operate? How many cults would there be? Know the truth and give only to the truth.
Verse 12-13 > The Creten’s needed to hear the truth to turn them from the error of their ways. If a Creten was acting like the typical Creten, lying and laziness, Paul said to rebuke them and tell them the truth. Our reason for correcting and rebuking people is to make them strong in Christian faith not to condemn or make ourselves look good.
Verse 14 > Be careful what you listen to. Listen long enogh and you might believe what you are hearing even if it is false. Let the word of God wash your brain. Clean your mind with the truth. Let the word bubble(like scrubbing bubbles) on your inside as you meditate, study and memorize the word of God. (Eph 5:26) You must know the truth so you can combat the lies with the truth. Always keep your focus on the scriptures.
Verse 15 > Nothing is pure to those with dirty minds. They leave their dirty fingerprints on everything they touch.
People with pure hearts pursue those things in life that are righteous and good. They refuse to be involved in sin. They live with a clear conscience. Their desires are for good and not for evil. If the crowd is running off to do something that is against God’s will, they will not go along and will try to persuade the others not to do it. Their hearts are clean and longing to serve the Lord. They are quick to acknowledge their sins and thank The Lord for forgiving them.
Verse 16 > The proof is in the pudding. If you know God you will practice living like He intended you to live. You will read the bible and obey. You will judge the actions of people, not to condemn them but to identify them by their behavior. If their behavior doesn’t line up with the word of God they probably don’t know God.
These people don’t accept the Lordship of Jesus. They refuse to let him call the shots in their lives. They refuse to let him command them!
If you are going to choose your friends pick those that are living out their faith in Jesus. We don’t go by what people say, we go by what they do. Some are tricky and you have to watch for awhile to see how trustworthy they are.
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  1. Mark Gundersen says

    For some reason Crete had a bad name. Paul felt, like the Cretin philosopher, that there was little to recommend the prophets of Crete. Even now a person which has a low IQ can be known as a cretin. Despite this bias against this prople, Paul still felt that bringing them into the family of God was important and sent Titus to them. This is a lesson to all believers that even those that we may look down on are worthy of our time.