October 17/Hebrews 2

Verse 1 > When did you lose your spiritual fervency? When was it that you just weren’t thinking all that much about Jesus? When was it that little sins didn’t bother you very much? My guess is when you weren’t daily in God’s word. When you cut your pray times short or cut them off altogether. When you neglected to worship regularly on Sunday. When you didn’t feel the need to be part of a small group bible study. You got busy or thought you couldn’t learn anything new in the Bible and pretty soon you just drifted away from fellowship with Jesus altogether.

The last couple of years I have drifted away from riding my bicycle long distances. I didn’t seem to have the energy or the drive. Well the other night I started fellowshipping with some of my bicycle magazines and I was reading about people doing some long distance rides and the more I read the more enthused I got about riding more again. In fact I was wishing it would be May instead of October. This happened because I got back into the “Bicycle Word” and was fellowshipping with the stories of others which I had been neglecting! If I stay connected this winter I have a good chance of ending my drifting in the spring!

Verse 2-3 > If people were punished when they disobeyed the law given to Moses by the angels how can we expect to escape punishment if we reject the salvation offered to us by Jesus. Jesus is much greater than angels. Stop drifting!

Verses 6-9 > In the Garden of Eden man was given authority over all things but our first parents drifted; they sinned and deserved to die and so God sent us Jesus as a human being to take the sting out of death for us. Drifting away from God doesn’t just hurt us it cost Jesus tremendous torture and death.

Verses 10-13 > Instead of coming after us with a club our God is so loving and kind that he sent Jesus to bring us back into the family. Jesus is not ashamed of us drifters. He calls us his brothers and sisters, no condemnation and no strings attached! Oh how I love Jesus! God doesn’t distance himself from us we are the ones who drifted. Read the story of a drifter in Luke 15:11-24. Notice the response of the Father.

Verses 14-15 > We don’t have to fear death because Jesus has already been there and done that and because he was raised from the dead so will we!

I recently took my granddaughter Vesper to a petting zoo. I bought some corn kernels so we could feed the goats. Vesper was a little afraid of holding her hand out with the kernels so that the goats could lick them off. So I put some kernels in my hand first and let the goats lick them off. When Vesper saw me doing it she knew it was safe and so she let them lick off her hand. She had so much fun she didn’t want to stop! Jesus took the licking of death for us so we wouldn’t have to be afraid. Perhaps it will be fun:)

Verses 16-18 > Jesus as a human experienced every temptation to sin that we will experience. Because he was able to refuse to give in to the temptation he is able to help us stand firm and not drift when we are being tempted. Call on him and trust him. He is your big brother and he will not let that bully Satan get the best of you! Stay close to Jesus by staying close to the word of God, spending time in communication through prayer, and fellowship with your other brothers and sisters in Christ!

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  1. Mark Gundersen says

    Throughout the bible to ignore a covenant ended in death but when Jesus died he broke the power of death and offered us a way to renew the covenant and relationship.