October 19/Hebrews 4

Verse 1 > Paul is saying to be afraid of being someone who doesn’t believe that God is good and that he has provided rest for us in his Son Jesus.

Verse 2 > God had announced to Israel that he was going to provide a land for them flowing with milk and honey. Which meant it was a prosperous land. They didn’t believe him because they had seen giants in the land and because of their unbelief they couldn’t enter that land and rest from being slaves and owning nothing in Egypt to now being free and having the Lord provide what they needed.

The Good News for us is that Jesus did all the work that was needed to free us from being slaves to sin so that we could rest in the promises of God like > He would supply all of our needs(Philippians 4:19, He would work all things together for our good(Romans 8:28), He would never leave us or forsake us(Hebrews 13:5). We must believe or instead of resting we will become worried and anxious.

Verses 3-10 > the rest described in these verses is the rest that occurs when you give up trying to earn salvation or blessing—when you realize it’s not through your works, by your energy, because of your righteousness, or due to your prayer life. True rest occurs when you realize your salvation is not dependent upon anything you do but rather upon who Jesus is, and what He’s done. This is also the picture given when God rested after creation. He did all the work and now we get to enjoy it!

Verse 11 > our rest gets more restful as we continue to believe God and obey him. I believe it is like riding a bike. When you first start out you grip the handle bars real tight which causes the bike to wobble and feel unsteady but the more you practice the better it becomes, you loosen your grip and pretty soon the ride smoothes  out. Our life begins to smooth out the longer we live for the Lord and get to know him.

Verse 12 > the truth of God’s word as it penetrates our innermost being causes us to be less anxious and worried and more confident in God.

Verses 13-15 > the Lord sees my worries, anxieties, disappointments, doubts, weaknesses, failures and fears and that is why he gave us Jesus. Jesus understands us and what temptations we face in this life because he faced the exact temptations! And yes it was a genuine temptation to him that is why he is so compassionated and understanding with us! Jesus in a sense says, “I understand I was tempted in the same manner also, even the temptation of unbelief!”

Verse 16 > Because of what Jesus has done for us we must come boldly, not hesitantly, not tentatively, not reluctantly, but boldly and the we will receive grace and mercy to help us in out times of need! Now that you can rest in Hilltop!

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  1. Mark Gundersen says

    The word of God cuts between the head knowledge of Jesus and salvation and the heart knowledge of Jesus that actually saves.