October 24/Hebrews 7

Verses 1-3 > I really believe that Melchizedek was the appearance of Jesus, a Christophany, before he appeared to us in the New Testament. Our confidence is that Jesus will always make things right. There can be no peace until there is justice or righteousness. When a soul is right with God there is peace. When a nation is right with God there is peace.  There must be righteousness before there can be peace. Jesus is our righteousness and our peace. What a great High Priest.

This chapter states how great Jesus is as our High Priest. I believe that Melchizedek was the appearing of Jesus because:

Verse 4 > Abraham honored him with a tithe. We honor Jesus today when we tithe.

Verses 5-7 > Melchizedek received the tithe and he blessed Abraham showing that he was greater than Abraham. Jesus receives our tithes and he blesses us and he is certainly greater than Abraham.

Verses 8-10 > As Melchizedek lives on so does Jesus. We continue to pay the tithe today because God has asked us to as a way of showing that he is number 1 our lives.

Verses 11-15 > Jesus is the ‘game changer’. No more sacrificing animals and the shedding of their blood for the forgiveness of sins. Jesus shed his blood once and for all.

Verses 16-17 > Like Melchizedek Jesus can never be destroyed.

Verses 18-19 > The law didn’t make anyone perfect because no one could keep it perfectly. Only Jesus was perfect.

Verses 20-24 > Jesus lives forever and therefore our clean record will never be lost or stolen or misplaced because Jesus will always be our High Priest! Man will never get his hands on our record!

Verse 25-28 > Christ’s very presence in heaven is a work of intercession. The marks on his body are a constant reminder to the Father that we who placed our faith in Jesus truly are saved. Christ is alive and we are always on his mind and a topic of conversation with the Father.

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  1. Mark Gundersen says

    In the law one tribe was dedicated especially to God. With Jesus one man dedicates the whole rest of the world to God.