October 3/1Timothy 6

Verse 1 > Once again Paul reminds us that we should first think of the Lord. Showing respect for you employer is a good way to keep your job and maybe even get a promotion or a raise. But that wasn’t on Paul’s mind, God’s reputation was. If we have respect for the Lord respect for our employer will follow.

Verse 2 > Don’t take advantage of a Christian employer by saying, “Oh he’ll understand if I come in late, he’s a Christian.” Also our conduct helps out other Christians when they go to look for a job or when they witness to a non-Christian. Example: Some motorcycle riders give all motorcycle rider a bad name when they are reckless when they ride. The world around us is always looking for a reason to not believe in Jesus; don’t give them one!

Verses 3-5 > You can tell if people are letting the word of God influence their lives by the way they conduct themselves in real life living.

Verses 6-8 > We should live like all of our stuff is going to stay here when we check out. Each of us must answer the question; How much is enough. Do we need more than just Jesus to be content with life? If so why?

Verses 9-10 > What do my longings cause me to do? Do my longings draw me closer in relationship to Jesus. Do I even long to be in a close relationship to Jesus or would I just rather have what ever my heart desires? Do I love the Lord more than I love money. Judas was the treasurer for the disciples. He loved money more than Jesus and look where it got him.

Verses 11-12 > You have to put up a fight if you want to live for Jesus or without any effort at all you can drift off into a life of ungodliness.

Verses 13-16 > Bottom line > everyone is going to stand before Jesus to give an account on how they lived life!

Verses 17-19 > Here is excellent advice for investing your money and making it work for you. Use it to do good for others and when you do that God stores up treasure for you in heaven. In other words you are sending your wealth on ahead. God converts it into the currency of heaven so you can enjoy it for an eternity!

Verses 20-21 > We are to guard the truth. The word of God is truth. We saw in this chapter the truth about how we were to conduct ourselves out in public. We have the truth concerning money and how it is to be handled. The truth is that we must put up a fight to maintain truth in our lives. And the truth is that everyone will have to stand before Jesus and give an account for what they have done with the truth. God gives us his grace so that we can guard and live out the truth!

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  1. Mark Gundersen says

    We are warned that those who try and split hairs in God’s word have no part in Gid’s plan. Paul advises Timothy not to fall into the trap if arguing with them. Therefore if someone tries to add to or subtract from the gospel we need to pray that God will be able to bring them back to himself and away from pride.