October 5/2 Timothy 2

Verse 1 > Grace is more than favor it is also the power of God to keep you living for him. Remember when Paul was asking God to take away the ‘thorn in his flesh’? God told him he wouldn’t take away the thorn but that he would give Paul the strength to withstand it.  Paul and Silas were able to sing in prison because God had graced them. Ask God to grace you today who knows you might even be able to sing!:)

Verse 2 > This verse explains how you and I have been saved! Timothy took Paul’s advice and started passing on the truth to others who would pass it on and pretty soon it got to us and now I have passed it on to my family and I trust that you have done the same. You just can’t beat ‘word of mouth’ advertising.

Verse 3-13 > Be single minded about living for Christ. Don’t let anything take you away from it. Soldiers follow their officers no matter what the danger. Athletes focus on preparing for the race or game. Farmers devote themselves to planting so that can receive a harvest. None of the above let themselves get distracted from their mission in life.

Soldiers are committed to protecting the country.  Athletes are committed to win. Farmers are committed to the harvest. Christians are committed to live for Jesus. Don’t let anything take you away from your commitment. Protection breaks down if a soldier isn’t paying attention to what he is doing. Athletes don’t win if they are lured away from training. Farmers don’t harvest if they are distracted from planting. Christian can’t remain salt and light if they are drawn into living for anything other than King Jesus as Paul reminded Timothy of in verse 8. We live for the King and because the King is alive we will remain alive also; so stay committed Hilltop!

Verses 24-26 > Our purpose here is not to win arguments but to win souls for Jesus. Only God can change hearts so pray that he will change the hearts of those that you know are unsaved. Pray that for our political leaders today! Pray that God  will release them from the grip of the enemy. It is only God who can loosen Satan’s grip.

Be Inspired Hilltop!


  1. Mark Gundersen says

    Paul instructs Timothy to avoid being led down rabbit trails of discussion. Keep to the basics of the gospel and pass it on to others.