October 7/2 Timothy 4

Verses 1-4 > Feed on the Word of God. Many people today look good on the outside but inside they are dying of malnutrition. The spirit of mankind was made to feed on the Word of God. Don’t be the person that is too weak and sickly to say no to sin or to say no to the things that keep you from opening your bible and studying the scriptures.

Matthew 4:4 (NLT) — 4 But Jesus told him, “No! The Scriptures say, ‘People do not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”

Verse 5 > The word of God unclutters the mind and keeps it clear and functioning well. When you are thinking on the word you are thinking God’s thoughts!

Verse 6-7 > Here are some F-words worth knowing and repeating. Fought, fight, finished and faithful. I want to be able to say that when I move on to heaven.

Verse 8 > I have a better chance of living with enthusiasm and keeping myself pure and clean when I eagerly look forward to Jesus coming back.

Verses 9-12 > Nothing like good friends in the faith to encourage you as you live for Jesus. Nobody was meant to go the Christian life alone not even Jesus.

Verse 13 > Paul didn’t have a sermon or a teaching to prepare but he still wanted to stay in the word, stay close to God and keep his spirit strong. The books were probably the gospels and the papers the Old Testament.

Verses 14-18 > There will always be opposition to the Gospel and to you if you tell people about Jesus. Paul said not to worry because God would stand by you and strengthen you. That was his experience and it will be yours too.

Verses 19-22 > We have Christian brothers and sisters all over the world living for Jesus and facing the same obstacles and troubles that we do. Paul started the letter with grace and he ended it with grace. We start our Christian life with grace, we continue in it with grace and we end it with grace. What a marvelous thing this grace!

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  1. Mark Gundersen says

    Verses 3 and 4 discuss a problem in the church which has not left. There are ministries that do not preach the whole bible but only the pieces, normally out of context, that people want to hear. Some of the prosperity preachers base their whole message on ask and you shall receive while totally ignoring that the request should confirm to God’s will not our will. Other ministries never preach beyond the milk of the gospel that tickles the people’s ears. We need to stay in the whole word of God.

  2. Mary Anne Frank says

    The words that jumped out at me this morning are from verse 5…”keep a clear mind….don’t be afraid….work at telling others …and fully carry out the ministry God has given you.” Words to live by.