November 14/1Peter 4

Verses 1-2 > If you have Christ’s attitude and are willing to suffer for your faith; it means you have turned from your sinful life to embrace Christ’s life of purity and holiness.
Your outlook always determines your outcome. We need to militantly hate sin. A good attitude is a good weapon to defeat sin.
Warren Wiersbe tells this story: A friend and I met at a restaurant to have lunch. It was one of those places where the lights are low, and you need a miner’s helmet to find your table. We had been seated several minutes before we started looking at the menu, and I remarked that I was amazed how easily I could read it. “Yes,” said my friend, “it doesn’t take us long to get accustomed to the darkness.”

A believer living in sin is a weapon that Satan can use.

Verse 3 > To those who don’t know Jesus their capacity for sin just keeps increasing. To those of us who do know Jesus we lose our taste for sin because we have tasted something much better in Jesus. Purity always tastes better than putrid.

Psalm 34:8 (NLT) — 8 Taste and see that the Lord is good. Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in him!
1 Peter 2:3 (NLT) — 3 now that you have had a taste of the Lord’s kindness.
Verse 4 > To the world you are strange if you don’t participate in sin.
Verse 5 > People may judge us now but the only judgment that counts is God’s. Death is no escape from God.

Verse 6 > In context the phrase those who are dead refers to those now dead who had accepted the gospel while they were still living and had suffered persecution for their faith. Though they “suffered judgment” in this earthly life (i.e., they died, in the midst of physical abuse from the ungodly), they will enjoy life from God in the spiritual, heavenly realm because of the gospel (v. 6b). It clearly does not assume a second chance for conversion offered to unbelievers who had died; why would Peter urge people to suffer in this life for the sake of the gospel if he believed that mercy would be extended to all the dead in the hereafter?

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The good news of Jesus needs to be preached to all people so that they may be saved.
Verse 7 > Praying in tongues will help you in all of your praying to be disciplined.
Verses 8-9 > God’s love and God cheerful attitude in me can overcome a lot of wrongs.
Verses 10-11 > Use God’s words along with God’s strength.
Verse 12 > If everyone loved you one would have to wonder if you really were a Christian or did you die and are you now in heaven?:)
Verse 13 > Trouble for being a Christian is a sign that you are on the same path as Jesus. His path leads to heaven!
Verses 14-15 > When you are living for the Lord the Holy Spirit finds in you a good place to be.
Verse 16 > Suffering for Christ is a sign that means you have been freed from giving in to sin! If you were giving in to sin people wouldn’t be persecuting you.
Verses 17-18 > This judgment is Satan throwing all he can at us. It is tough enough living life with Jesus so what about those who don’t know Jesus when Satan throws all he can at them? You’re right they are doomed.
Verse 19 > You are depositing your life in God’s bank. He will keep your investment safe with great dividends > eternal life, crown of righteousness etc. He has a better guarantee than the FDIC(federal deposit insurance corporation) Our Creator provides all that we need when we need it.
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  1. Mark Gundersen says

    We are told that love covers a multitude of sins. That phrase encourages us to forgive others and not be offended by others. Our love for them prevents a downward spiral or retribution and revenge.