December 5/Revelation 3

Verse 1 > never trust self evaluation or the evaluation of others when it comes to your standing with God. God’s evaluation is the only one that matters. The church at Sardis thought they were ok with God, other people thought they were ok with God however God said they were dead! In other words they were not doing ok in God’s eyes.

Verses 2-3 > the life of God wasn’t in them. They were going to church, singing good songs, clapping their hands, shouting ‘Hallelujah’ saying all the right words and then apparently going home. No one was convicted of sin, no one was being saved and no one was being persecuted for their faith. Other than on Sundays they were no different than the world around them. The Spirit of God wasn’t allowed to move their Christianity outside of the four walls of the church building. As Pastor Jeremy would say, “They were comfortable and comfortable aren’t looking to move”.Self-help books had taken the place of the bible. They were like the prodigal son who was living life to the fullest, helping himself to all that this life had to offer and then one day he woke up and realized that he was in a pig pen! His clothes were soiled by the ways of the world.

If you are just going through the motions on Sunday stop and repent and get back to the basics of Christianity > love the Lord with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself.

Verses 4-6 > Praise God for the few who hang in there with Jesus through all of the ups and downs of life. Praise God for the few who allow the bible to be the lamp unto their feet and a light unto their path. Praise God for the few who listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and obey. Praise God for the few who get out of their comfort zones and tell others about Jesus. Are you one of those few? If you are you are known in heaven. Your future is very bright.

Verses 7-8 > Jesus reminds the Church in Philadelphia that he is one with the key and the one with the key has the authority. Jesus was opening doors of ministry for them even though they seemed to lack strength and in spite of the opposition. They were to look at it as a time of great opportunity to be witnesses for Jesus. Jesus would keep that door of opportunity open for as long as he wanted to. The door would not close unless Jesus closed it.

The Lord Jesus is holding the door open for ministry for us today. How do I know? Well we live in a terribly sin filled world; however the bible says that where there is much sin there is much more grace! see Romans 5:20. So you see this is a wonderful time to tell people about Jesus! There will come a day when our opposition will admit to us that were right about Jesus.

Verses 10-13 > We have the promise that if we stick with our faith in Jesus that he will give us the endurance we need, that we will escape the Great Tribulation before he comes back, our lives will be solid and stable like pillars and that we will be rewarded with crowns  and honored for our faith in the New Jerusalem to come.

Remember that the enemy can only do what Jesus allows him to do. Jesus is the one who opens and closes doors not Satan. God is in control. Believe this and live for him.

Verses 14-22 > the church at Laodicea was just … well… there. They weren’t making a difference in their city for Jesus. Hot boiling water is good for making spaghetti. Cold water is good for drinking on a hot day. Both hot and cold make a difference. Lukewarm really does nothing for a person. They weren’t hot and they weren’t cold they were just using up oxygen and taking up space.

This Laodicean Church reminds me of a story that I heard once. In a small Midwestern town the oldest person in the town died. Her name was Nancy Jones. She had never married and died at the age of 103. She had outlived all of her relatives. The editor of the town newspaper thought he should give her a special obituary write-up so he did a search of her life. He couldn’t really find anything of significance. She hadn’t done any volunteer work, never worked outside the home, she didn’t even have a parking ticket! Frustrated in his search to come up with anything to say about Miss Jones he headed back to the news building. He gave the job of writing the obituary to the first person he saw which happened to be the local sports writer. And this is the obituary for Miss Jones that appeared in next days newspaper:

Here lie the bones of old Nancy Jones. To her life held no terrors. She lived an old maid and died and old maid. No hits, no runs, no errors.

With the grace of God we can all make a difference. Let’s hear what the Spirit of God is saying to us.

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  1. Mark Gundersen says

    The church of Laodocea was immunized against Jesus. They were not against Jesus and totally ignoring his message, i.e. cold but they also were not on fire for Jesus and his message, i.e. hot. They felt self sufficient and could not see their real state. They are advised to buy treasure in heaven, clothe themselves in rightousness, and anoint their eyes to see the real condition of themselves and others. They are encouraged to answer the door.