February 7, 2017

John 3:16 (NLT) — 16 “For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.

Those four words ‘God loved the world’ are pretty incredible when you realize that God is under no obligation whatsoever to love. He created us and we turned our backs on him.

Why should God love us? Look at the way we have treated him. We have kicked him out of our government and schools. We don’t honor the scriptures and we have made a retail day out of his Son’s birthday. Happy Holidays is much more acceptable than Merry Christmas. And you would think that Easter is all about ‘The Bunny’. We use the brains he has given us to think up more and more ways to sin and more and more ways to live without him. We brag about our accomplishments as if we had anything to do with the skills and talents that we have. When you love someone you think about them all the time and you think about ways to please them. How much is God loved? How much do we think about pleasing Him? There are those who go to great lengths to prove he doesn’t exist. And yet God loved the world.

God loved the world and yet the world continues to reject his son Jesus Christ. In fact the name of Jesus has turned into a curse word in the mouths of many. He died to give salvation to the world and yet most of the world has refused to receive this salvation because they refuse to believe that they are sinners. They laugh at him and declare that all roads lead to the top.

God loved the world but we sure don’t. We continue to shoot each other and have no respect for the law. We put people down with snide remarks, we criticize and judge and spew out sarcasm. We get jealous of those who get ahead or get the raise we believe we should have got. We divorce our mates and kill babies because of our selfishness and greed. We enslave some in human trafficking and get others hooked on drugs. We use sex outside of marriage for our own pleasure and even encourage our kids to do it safely.

God loved the world and yet does the world love itself. Is God obliged to take care of us when we won’t take care of ourselves? There are many sins from which we could have refrained. Many times we could have sought his salvation but didn’t. We could have picked up His Bible and found Him and called on his name. We could have run towards him instead of being like Jonah and running away. We could have sought out the company of those who know him to receive good guidance. We could still take advantage of the freedom we have on Sundays to worship by consistently going and worshiping.

Wow God loved the world! When you read the above doesn’t it make you want to embrace Him, love Him and live for Him. And aren’t you glad you responded to His love and can now call Him father?

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