April 13, 2017

Deuteronomy 6:6 (NLT) — 6 And you must commit yourselves wholeheartedly to these commands that I am giving you today.

Lets say that someone gave you two flashlights and said that you could have one of them. They both looked the same but when you turned them both on one had a very dim light and the other one was really bright. Which one would you choose?

You are offered two pieces of chocolate cake and you must choose on to eat. The one piece looks a little dry and the frosting is a bit brittle. The other piece has a rich moisture texture to it and the frosting looks full and creamy. Which on do you choose?

You are offered two of the same year make and model of car. They are both the same price. You must choose one to buy. On the one the color is faded, the tires are worn, and some rust is showing on the rear wheel wells. The one has a bright luster to the paint job. It has brand new tires and there is no rust at all on the body. Which on do you choose?

You walk into a restroom where two people have just finished cleaning. You need to use a toilet. You look into the first stall and there is paper on the floor, there are spots of something you can’t identify on the seat, and the water in the bowl has a brown tinge to it and something is floating on top. In the other stall the floor is clean, the seat is spotless and even has a shine to it and the water is crystal clear. Which toilet do you choose.

In the above scenarios my guess is that you chose the item that had been wholeheartedly taken care of. Half heartedness could not persuade you.

We are here to represent Jesus. Will half hearted devotion to Jesus persuade someone to follow him or will it be wholeheartedness? You choose.

My wife Cleo left Sherwood, North Dakota in 1965 to go to bible school in Seattle, Washington. She came back to Sherwood 4yrs later. After she had been home for a few months one of her old friends said to her, “I have been watching you and you are really different than when you were here before. What ever it is I want what you have.”

Cleo had left Sherwood with a half hearted commitment to Jesus. She came back whole heartedly committed to Jesus and was able to lead this friend to Jesus. Forty seven years later this friend is still whole heartedly committed to Jesus.

Be Inspired Hilltop!


  1. Those scenarios really express all the choices I make several times a day. Whether I’m totally aware of it or not, I will still choose the one that had better care. How much more should I be aware then of my devotion to Jesus when this choice has an eternal life at stake? Totally!