May 10, 2017

1 John 5:14 (NLT) — 14 And we are confident that he hears us whenever we ask for anything that pleases him.

Yesterday I stated that when we please God with our prayers He may even add a chocolate chip cookie. The following is Mary Anne Frank’s story of a prayer that God answered. She was going in to have kidney stones lasered and she prayed that she would have the same anesthesiologist that she had at a previous surgery. The Lord provided that same person and He also gave Mary Anne a chocolate cookie!

This is the story of the disappearing kidney stones. 

Before this surgery I had an ultrasound and 2 different CTs all of which showed that I had 4 kidney stones in my right kidney. So my urologist set me up for lithotripsy with a stent placement. 
A few weeks ago I read the story of the blind man who came to Jesus and Jesus asked him. “What do you want me to do for you?” I was very struck by that and realized that Jesus wants to do things for us if we just answer his question “What do you want me to do for you?” And so as I was praying about my surgery I had only one request. The last time I had surgery there was an elderly anesthesiologist who only works 2 days a week. He prayed with me before my surgery and I believe his prayers were answered for me when I got septic and recovered well from that. I asked Jesus if He would arrange for me to have the same anesthesiologist. And so I wasn’t surprised when he walked through the door of my presurgery room. I told him he was an answer to my prayer. He prayed with me again and prayed for healing, a speedy recovery, protection for me from any risks of the surgery. Also prayer for my surgeon, and all of those caring for me.
I went to surgery feeling at peace and knowing I truly am in God’s hands.
When my surgeon got into my right kidney he was shocked to see that there were no kidney stones , only a cloudy materiel that went “up like smoke” as he shot it with water.(I have pictures of what he saw and it looked nothing like stones.) He tried to use the basket to collect some of it but it just sifted through the screen of the basket. He was able to get a couple of very tiny grains to send to pathology.
He told Mel that he felt it was sledge left over from my last surgery. But he couldn’t explain why it showed up as stones on the US and CT scans. I did have a kink in the right ureter that was the source of the hydronephrosis they saw on my scans. He put a stent in place to try to correct that. I will get that out next week.
Okay….I believe God was there before my surgeon was there. I believe He broke up the stones so that I did not have to have them lasered. There is no other explanation for what was seen on the scans.
Our God is alive and well and apparently in the surgery business.
I’m praising Him for how He loves me and for who He is. I’m praising Him because I know I can trust Him to always do what is best for me. I’m praising Him because He is a good, good father.
In His grip,
Mary Anne
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  1. Thank you Mary Anne for sharing that encouraging story! We can accept sickness so easily. It becomes something we own like unwanted junk…even labeling the drawer so we can be reminded of it. Ugh…surely the enemy’s plan. I have fresh way of looking at my own healing now being confident that God hears me, loves me and is a good, good father through it all! 🙂