May 22, 2017

1 John 5:11 (NLT) — 11 And this is what God has testified: He has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son.

What a comforting verse this is. When I think of testifying I think of someone in court on a witness stand testifying of what they saw of what they know concerning a certain case. God didn’t even have to raise his right hand and swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God. Um… because he is God. So I picture a lawyer asking God, “Is eternal life possible?” The lawyer doesn’t have to add, “Now remember you are under oath.” And God says, “Yes.” Then the Lawyers asks, “So where can eternal life be found? Is it like the Fountain of Youth that Ponce De Leon, the Spanish explorer was looking for?”

God says, “No, eternal life is a person and when you have found him and received him you will have eternal life.” The lawyer then asks, “So who is this person?” And God answers, “This person is my son, Jesus Christ. If you believe in him you will have eternal life.”

Do you see how comforting that verse is? One never has to wonder if one has eternal life. If you have believed in Jesus, according to God who cannot lie, you have eternal life. God’s testimony is true. There is no other way to experience or  have eternal life. You never have to wonder if you will make heaven. If you believe in Jesus heaven is yours based on the testimony of God! There might be other things that you will wonder about in this life but making heaven will not be one of them. Listen to what Jesus says:

John 10:28–30 (NLT) — 28 I give them eternal life, and they will never perish. No one can snatch them away from me, 29 for my Father has given them to me, and he is more powerful than anyone else. No one can snatch them from the Father’s hand. 30 The Father and I are one.”

I also want to keep commenting on WWJP, what would Jesus pray?

Matthew 6:9–13 (NLT) — 9 Pray like this: Our Father in heaven, may your name be kept holy. 10 May your Kingdom come soon. May your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. 11 Give us today the food we need, 12 and forgive us our sins, as we have forgiven those who sin against us. 13 And don’t let us yield to temptation, but rescue us from the evil one.

May your kingdom come soon. You realize that when you pray this you are asking that Jesus be the King in your life. After all a kingdom has a king and the people in the kingdom are subject to the rule of the King. How soon do you want Jesus to be King of your money, your career, your relationships, your eating, your free time, your television and movie time, your hobby time, your worship time etc.? Do you really want to be accountable to King Jesus? This is what Jesus would pray because Jesus knows that unless he is king in our lives we will never experience fully righteousness, peace and joy. The sooner you yield to his kingship the sooner you will experience righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Romans 14:17 (NET) — 17 For the kingdom of God does not consist of food and drink, but righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.

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