May 26, 2017

1 John 5:11 (NLT) — 11 And this is what God has testified: He has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son.

I like to take my granddaughter Vesper over to the playground that is across the street from my house. It is full of swings, slides, tunnels, rings  and everything else that a child can climb on and enjoy. Vesper loves going over there. In the back area of the play ground they have a learning center as you can see by the first picture. The teachers at this school playground believe that children are born to learn. So they have put up about twelve different signs, each a few yards apart, with instructions on each sign as to what they want you to do. See the other pictures. So Vesper and I stop by the signs. I read them because she is unable to yet and we then try to do what the sign says. The more we do this the better she gets at following the instructions and the more she learns.




So how does this relate to our memory verse. Well we know that we have eternal life if we believe in Jesus. We have now been born to this new life and this new life starts now. Jesus is our example to follow on how to live this new life. Our signs are the pages of the bible. We come to a page. We read it and we try to follow the instructions. At first we may not be very good at it just like Vesper wasn’t very good at obeying at first. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to obey she just had to develop the skills and knowledge of the words to obey. She kept at it because she loved being with grandpa and it was a new challenge for her. I would always praise her accomplishments however small they were.

We learn to obey I think first of all because we love Jesus and we love our heavenly Father. Secondly as we obey we are doing life with Jesus just as Vesper was doing life with grandpa. And just as I helped Vesper the Holy Spirit helps us.

Eternal life starts the minute we believe in Jesus. We experience this life as we read the pages of our Bible and follow what it says. That is our born to learn experience. Obeying Jesus doesn’t have to be complicated. Just take it one sign er…page at a time. Find someone else and do it with them. The bible calls that making disciples. I guess that is what I was doing with Vesper. Simple, right?

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